Incredible workouts with incredible trainers, all for an incredible price. No hassles, just results. It’s that simple.
— WorkGrindFly™



At WorkGrindFly™, we like to keep it simple. 
With each and every workout, we promise to deliver:


Thanks to technology, we bring the training & yoga sessions to you! Train within the privacy of your own home and receive guidance and motivation every step of the way. We provide modifications, support, encouragement as you go, and we help you save commute time, gas and gym membership fees, and even the time it takes to pack your gym bag! Hey, we know your busy, and every minute of each day counts!

For less than a latte a day, you can now just roll out of bed, flip on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and begin your workout! 

40 heart thumping minutes later, your workout will be complete, you’ll be drenched in sweat and you can into hop into your own shower before heading off to work.

No more packing a gym bag the night before, showering in a gym bathroom or dealing with those awkward locker room moments, and no more getting home super late each night after driving home from the gym in the dark.

If you prefer to work out in the evening, now you can simply step away from dinner prep, homework help or playing with the dog, throw on your sneakers, click on the WorkGrindFly™ studio video link and go!

Sweat it out for 40 minutes, then return back to your regular evening routine. It's that simple. Heck, you can even train during your lunch break too! 


Bored with the same old workout routine? Expect innovative, heart pumping, sweat–national workout sessions each and every weekday with us. No two workouts will ever be the same. #nomoreruts is what we say!


Our Unlimited Membership is $30 per month. That's it. No Gimmicks. No Weird Fees. Just a month-to-month, no-commitment membership that can be cancelled at any time, with zero hassle.

At WorkGrindFly™, we provide more convenience, more workout creativity and, innovation, and more results, all for a whole lot of money saved. 

The proof is in the math:

Training 5 days a week, x 4 weeks = 20 workouts per month. $30 / 20 =  $1.50 a workout!

If you train just 3 days per week, that’s still only $2.50 a workout!

Compare these numbers to a personal trainer’s fee, which can range from $40–$120 per workout, or to a local gym membership, where the monthly pricing varies from $10-280 per month, not withholding additional fees, annual membership dues, the cost of gas while driving to and from the gym, as well as the cost of your valuable time spent commuting. Specialty fitness studios, i.e. Barre, CrossFit, Pilates, etc. typically charge $12-$40 per class as well, making WorkGrindFly™ still the least expensive and most convenient way to fit an awesome, heart–pumping workout into your daily regimen.

Want more information on our class schedule, necessary equipment, our zero hassle cancellation policy and more? Check out our FAQ section.


WorkGrindFly™ brings you the very best fitness trainers and yoga instructors in the industry. We walk our walk, we believe in bringing our very best to each session, and we work hard to deliver outstanding results in a safe, effective and focused manner. 

Want to get to know our trainers and yogis? Head over to the MEET YOUR TRAINERS section. 

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