#MindfulMonday: This Law of Science Will Destroy Your Motivation

Happy Mindful Monday!

When it comes to our goals, why are we so hard on ourselves?

Why do we lose 10 pounds, are happy about this for a day or two, then gain it all right back again?

It’s because our motivation is rooted in fear, which yields only a temporary result. Why? Because fear lends itself to self-destruction. This is all it ultimately knows. It is volatile. It is the opposite of love.


Success and fear are strangers, and they always will be.


If we are only use fear to motivate ourselves to go to the gym or eat healthy foods, we will not sustain those healthy habits for long.


Fear is actually one of our two main sources of pain, (the other being experiencing a state of lack) and we as humans tend to avoid pain, so using fear to self–motivate has our minds associating healthy habits with pain. Because of this, eventually our minds will opt to avoid these.


In so doing, we have set up the quintessential hamster wheel of mental self-sabotage. We get a brief taste of the carrot we chase, the golden reward of weight loss, and then retreat back. And then we push forward and get another small taste. Then we retreat back again. And on and on our insanity goes, until our body cannot take the yo-yo-ing anymore and eventually decides to refuse compliance, unresponsive to any and all stimuli.


And what is it that we fear anyway? Here is where a very practical law of science comes into play.


We fear that we won’t accomplish the goal. That we will fall short, put ourselves out there, make the effort, and never see the reward. This is our first fear. (Strangely enough, we don’t seem to fear the temporary reward, even though that has far more severe psychological and physical long-term repercussions.)


Our second fear is that we won’t ever do the work in the first place. Our second fear is that we are inherently lazy, and this causes us to distrust our ability to get the job done.


Ipso facto, we are fearful of our own potential for non-action.


In the end, we fear us. We are scared of ourselves. Our own success AND our own capacity to fail. We take failure sooo seriously. We are so terrified to fail! Also, since the light, pleasure-filled feeling of success is rather foreign to most of us, we end up fearing that unknown feeling as well.


But it is all us. These feelings are all our feelings. Not some external thing, they are all part of our own being.


The lean, fit, success-breeding ‘us.’

The fat, defeated, failure ‘us.’


We encapsulate all of it within our being, whether we like it or not. This is ‘us’ and what we are made of is the stuff of our fears and our desires.


Back to science. The Law of Science that will get us out fear serving as our chief source of motivation is called the Conservation of Mass. I am sure you have heard of it. It states that matter (energy) in an encapsulated system cannot be created or destroyed.


Essentially, we can make nothing and we can destroy nothing. We can only change the vibration of the energy, the matter, that makes us, us.


What does this mean?


It means that we have already succeeded, and we have already failed. We cannot get rid of any part of us, and we cannot create anything new. That is such a relief! It relieves much pressure.


We cannot fear ourselves, knowing this, we can only be.


Sure, we can alter our current state, we can mold our current physical form. And we cannot fail in doing this, because failure comes from lack. A state of lack means to have a piece missing, an essential part of the process not available to us. But as the Law of the Conservation of Mass states, everything has already been made available to us. We are everything we need. Since we are everything, meaning that all the tools are at our disposal, we can do anything.


So you see, we have absolutely nothing to fear. We can succeed in becoming AND staying fit and healthy if we lead without fear. If we act from a not a fear-filled state, but a rather full-supported state.


This is what is true. We are fully supported, being everything that we need. This is your body, my dear, lovely friend, do not be scared of it. Further, everything you desire, you already are. It may be in a different form, you may be desiring to mold and tweak the energy mass that makes up the physical you, but the fear that arises from a state of lack is not real. It is an illusion.


You have no lack. You are not less than. You are NOT not enough. It is quite the contrary and the Law of the Conservation of Mass tells us so.


Physically: you have what you need to create what you want, be that fat into muscle, fat into fuel, a six-pack, tight, toned legs, arms, back, butt and so forth.


Mentally: you have everything you need. If you desire additional knowledge on fitness and nutrition, you have everything you need to seek out and obtain that knowledge.  


Emotionally: Well, we just cleared this one up, didn’t we? No more illusory state of lack. Trust me when I tell you, it is truly not the chiseled, hot body that you seek! It is the feeling of happiness that comes with it.


Stop trying to lose weight out of desperation, guilt, shame, revenge or any of the other emotions that are fear and lack–based.


Choose to re-wire yourself instead. It will seem foreign and new and weird at first. And most of society will not be able to level up with you [yet].


That is okay. Be the healthy example your loved ones need to see. Be the inspiration of self-love and self-honor and self-peace the world needs you to be.


Here’s how to do this:


You eat something healthy: Say, “I am eating this because I love myself, my body, and I desire to nourish it with beautiful, life-giving food.”


You workout: Say, “I am moving my body because I love and cherish it. I sweat to honor my physical form and all of the wonderful things it does for me on a daily basis.”


You get adequate rest: Say, “I go to sleep each night at a reasonable time to ensure my body fully recovers each night. My body works miracles for me throughout each day, therefore it only makes sense that I devote the time it needs to rest and rejuevenate.”


Don’t feel like saying all of this? Say it anyway. Say it in your own language, out loud to yourself and I promise things will start to shift.


Trust this process. Shift from fear of self to love of self. Remember that science is backing your process. It backs your fearlessness.


Who you are, what you are will be conserved no matter what, no matter what form it takes. More of you cannot be created and none of you can be destroyed. Rest safely in that thought, as you have already succeeded. Yes, you are already all that you are. Take on another form, perhaps, but you will still be you, so there is absolutely nothing to fear.


You see there is nothing actually unknown about any of this. You are you, you know you better than anyone, and you are something, someone, to be supported, loved and honored, not feared.


I love you, dear friend. Go after your goals with absolute fearlessness and total self-love. There is quite simply no other way that makes sense! Science has spoken, and it has told us that this is so. :) :)


Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you soon.


–    Lian



#ThoughtfulThursday: Do You Treat Your Body Like Last Night's Leftovers?

Happy thoughtful Thursday my thoughtful friend! :)


Last week I asked a client if she desired deeper connection with her body.

I thought the answer I was about to hear was, “Of course!”

It wasn’t.


Instead, she said the thought of connecting with her body on a deeply conscious level totally terrified her.


I was taken aback by her response, but then I suddenly realized: her current truth was something I intimately understood.


I knew how she felt because I had been there.


Avoidance IS so much easier. It can be terrifying to finally attempt reconnection after so long. She was right.


Take this example: Imagine you make an awesome dinner one night. There are leftovers, which are put in a bowl, covered with a lid and thrown in the fridge.


A week goes by and you completely forget about them.


You simply have other priorities. You end up going out to eat a bunch of times that week. There also end up being some late nights at the office. Before you know the week has flown by.


When you finally remember that those leftovers are still in the fridge waiting (and by this point they have been pushed all the way to the back because you needed room to store other items) you think, “Eww, I don’t want to eat those now. They’re probably moldy and gross.”


You know what you should do. You should be proactive, move the other items out of the way, reach allllll the way to the back of your fridge, retrieve those forsaken leftovers, and dump them out. That would be the responsible, sanitary thing to do.


But that sounds like a lot of work at the moment right? Besides, what if the lid slips off or you lose your grip? You’re wearing a brand new outfit right now and you don’t want to risk getting it soiled. Ehhh. You’ll do it tomorrow.


Except the next day you stay late at work again. You had trouble sleeping the night before (probably because you were having bad dreams about moldy food chasing you down the street ;-)) and your boss sent you a nasty email, blaming you for something you didn’t do. So when you finally get home, the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning moldy food out of a bowl and taking the trash out.


You stick your nose in the fridge. No noticeable leftover odor yet. Again, ehhh. no one can tell. You’ll do it on Monday. After you get groceries. Fresh start.


Of course, you are so excited about the groceries you buy the following week that once again you forget, and on the story goes.


You’re probably thinking – “What does this have to do with connecting with myself? What does this have to do with looking in the mirror?”


Because getting out of shape is the same thought process as not throwing out your leftovers. It’s avoidance. It’s a “I’ll put it off until tomorrow” mentality. It’s a “Monday is a fresh start” comfort zone, with endless Mondays to push off to.


It is easier to not look in the mirror when you are getting dressed in the morning, because then you don’t have to face your “failure” that you have gotten out of shape. That you have added more body fat to your frame, and are ashamed and embarrassed about this.


It is easier to just shut the refrigerator door. Just like it is easier To shut yourself off from your body so that you don't have to face your failure. This is a real issue this has frozen many of us into inaction at one point or another.


–    But the only way out is in. –


That’s right, the only way to lose weight and get in shape is to reconnect with the current shape that stands before you in the mirror. The first step is to just look.


It might be painful, and you might be saddened by what you see and that is okay. What alternative do you have, after all? To just wait longer? To let more time go by? To deny yourself health and happiness, not to mention self-confidence for more weeks, months, or even years?


The second step is to take some action. Don’t wait for the small problem go to become a big problem. Does it have to be a 9-1-1 situation for you to finally take action?

Don’t wait until those leftovers stink up the whole fridge.


Don’t let 10 pounds of extra body fat double into 20. Why would you do that? What is the point? Remember, this is YOUR body, and you have nothing to be afraid of.


It is not going to hurt you, rather, your body wants you to be healthy and happy! He/she is on your team. Your body wants to be deeply connected with you, to tell you everything it needs, and to show you all the ways you can live in daily bliss.


It is beauty and genius in truest form. Oh, how your body is so much wiser than your brain! It will help guide you back to health and vitality if you only let it.


But you have to stop resisting. Resistance is merely energy in another form, ergo what you ignore, fear and resist WILL have no choice but to persist.


Let go. Be okay with that fact that you have let yourself go a bit. It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. YOU are going to be okay. Relax and stop resisting. When you are ready, start to exercise, and be gentle. I mean gentle on the ego, on the spirit too. Be kind with your inner dialogue.


Remember that is because you love your body that you are taking action, that you are moving and sweating and grinding and nourishing.


No more self-punishment. You are past that now. This mindset is immature and only brings temporary results.


I have said it before: we MUST honor ourselves at all times. There is NO other way. If we are not honoring ourselves in everything we do, then what are we doing? What is the point?


You can do nothing for me but work on you. I can do nothing for you but work on me. That is all we can ever do. That is how we will build a healthier, more peaceful world.


We must make peace with ourselves first, for in the end our real mirror is simply the world and our perception of it; everything that we see is no more than a reflection of our own internal reality.

If we stop avoiding, and instead look back and smile, our mirror, our reflection, will have no choice but to smile back.


I love you dearly, my friend. Truly I do. Be well, and be good to yourself.


You’ve been through a lot and you deserve it.


See you soon.


–    Lian



#StayWokeWednesday 2: If not for this ONE ingredient, Coke would make you vomit.

Stay Woke Wednesday #2: If not for ONE, SINGLE ingredient, drinking a can of Coke would make you vomit.

Although liquid cocaine is a thing of the past, Coca–Cola’s current ingredients are still formulated to get you high.

Each can of Coke contains 3.33 tablespoons of white, processed sugar. This is almost a ¼ of a cup. If you consumed this much sugar, it’s extreme sweetness would cause you to immediately start vomiting uncontrollably.

Consuming this much sugar has one side effect though, which of course Coca–Cola Corporate LOVES: it is highly addictive.

So what does Coca–Cola decide to do to keep customers addicted and coming back for more? How do the keep people in this cycle of insanity, instead of vomiting after drinking one can, listening to their bodies, and never touching this nasty stuff again?

They add one ingredient, and it’s name is phosphoric acid. This ingredient cuts the sweetness to a tolerable level. Hello bitter chemical money-maker.

My loves, have a beautiful, chemical–free Wednesday if you can, and try to #staywoke. We need to break the devious soda cycle, once and for all. Let’s do it for our health, our families and for the planet.

I love you so very much! Be safe out there today! :) 

–    Lian



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#MindfulMonday – Stretching Daily Makes You Smarter


Happy Monday Fly Tribe!

Stretching has been scientifically proven to boost intelligence.

How is this possible?

As we know, the mind and body operate together as part of one system. When there is contraction in one or more areas of the body, meaning when muscles become tight or joints become inflamed, these sore, fatigued parts will close in upon themselves in a dutiful effort to heal.

When this process of recovery happens, especially if it becomes chronic (example: sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, causing chronic hamstring and hip flexor contraction) it throws off the entire body’s sense of balance.

The framework of levers and pulleys that essentially make up the body’s muscular system send signals to the unconscious, automatic part of the brain via nerve pathways, announcing that the system is out of alignment. The brain then sends signals back to the opposing muscle groups, alerting them to resist the added force so that functional balance is not lost.

As the unconscious brain becomes more and more overworked in this way, the conscious parts of the brain, (the ones we use to think, create and connect with others) are given the limited leftover energetic reserves to work with.

Put simply, when the mind is contracted it does not have the freedom to expand in thought or reach its full creative capacity. A contracted state of mind is more akin to survival mode.

By contrast, when the mind is in a relaxed state, that is when creativity and true intellectual thought can flow. And you probably guessed it; the mind cannot relax until the body does.


Tight, contracted physical body = contracted, fatigued mind.

Balanced, expansive physical body = clear, open, energized mind.


Stretch your body each day and give your mind the opportunity to operate at full capacity.


Last thought: The biggest bone in your body is your pelvis. The largest muscles in your body stem from this bone as well. (Glutes, quadriceps, etc.)

Therefore, the most energetically expensive processes take place around this area (Oh, and by the way, so does digestion, another extremely energetically expensive process that takes places just above the pelvis.)

The 2nd, sacral chakra is located here as well, a primary energy center believed in Eastern medicine to be responsible for creativity, pleasure, enjoyment, emotional intelligence, intimacy, connection, money and movement.

So by all means, if there is one area of the body with which to make a top priority to keep healthy and stretched, it would be this one!

Sadly, so many of us in the Western world sit all day long, making this area extremely contracted and tight. No wonder we are not operating at optimal capacity!  

We can easily turn this around. If a full-body stretch session each day sounds daunting to you right now, let’s start with just stretching the muscles surrounding the pelvis. It will do us all a world of good. :)


Cheers to more mind freedom! And cheers to being healthy, stretchy and creatively expansive.

Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you soon!

– Love, Lian





#ThoughtfulThursday – The 1 Thing You Need To Do To Reach Your Goal

Good morning loveliest loves! :)

19th century philospher Friedrich Neitzsche said, “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

I’m about to make a bold statement. Mr. Neitzsche was wrong.

Things do not make you stronger. Events do not make you stronger. Other people do not make you stronger.

YOU, and only you, make you stronger. It is not the external hardship, it is your response to it, that adds to your level of strength.

Putting aside the fact that he basically lived his life as a hermit, I am going to place Friedrich Neitzsche in a hypothetical example. If this philosopher stepped into a gym, walked over to the weight rack and stared down at the rows of dumbbells, do you think he would believe that their existence in and of themselves were making his muscles stronger?

Of course not. It is the type of interaction he chooses to have with the dumbbells that will determine if he becomes stronger from their existence of not. Further it is the level of engagement that decides how much stronger our dear philosopher will become.

It is his reaction… (Does he run away from them? Or does he decide to pick them up and put them down a few times? Hahaha, queue up the plant fitness commercial)

…to the external stimuli (the dumbbells) that determines whether or not he will become stronger, as well as how much stronger he will become. All of this of course, is his decision, and his alone. Not the dumbbells’, not the other equipment in the gym, and not the rest of the world’s. The result is 100% a product of his own free will.

Conclusion: Adversity itself does not make you stronger. You pushing forward when you are in the middle of the adversity, is what will make you stronger.

Adversity is a gift, in my opinion. It can be super painful of course, so it does not always feel like a gift, but it is always a stepping stone to make you more of what you are. And one must never take adversity personally. Doing so is only a disservice to your growth and will only slow you down.

All of this tells us something. It tells us that essentially our environment does nothing to us. It does nothing to shape us. It is what we do with the external stimuli that determines our outcome.

Why is this good news?? Because it means WE shape our destiny! Not genetics. Not our upbringing. A trauma suffered and a big break given both mean nothing in the end unless we take those opportunities and DO something with them.

Otherwise they are one and the same. Events that came and went in your life that you did nothing positive with.

A lot of times when something bad or even good happens to us, our first reaction is to say, “This isn’t supposed to be happening to me.” Whether it’s perceived as an opportunity or a disaster, we feel as though we don’t deserve it.

Is this a common reaction to unexpected events? Yes. But is it also completely insane? Yup!

Why insane? Because when you say “this isn’t supposed to happen,” you are actually stating that you, YOU!– one single human being standing in the vast expanse of our big, beautiful universe–  think you know how the universe should work. Further, you are refusing to accept an event that has already happened.

This is insane!


But we’ve all been there. I have definitely been there! I fully own this! So let’s go ahead right now and all forgive ourselves, and each other while we’re at it, for being insane.


Okay, good. We have let go and let flow. In other words, we have stopped trying to control/manipulate/guilt trip the universe, (again, how silly does this sound? :))


Now we have freed up our energy to accomplish a real task. A truly productive one.

Actually, the one and only single task that will ever matter, for the rest of your life.


Show up in every moment.


That’s it.

How does one do that? By remembering that, though we all have different goals in life, we will accomplish none of these unless we continue to learn. We all have so much to learn in order to get to where we want to be. And what is the most fertile ground for learning, for true mind expansion? Full attention. Or, you can also state this as being fully present.

Start regarding every moment as your teacher. There is so much external stimuli waving at us, throughout each day, begging us to learn. Since we have agreed to no longer be distracted by silly agendas, like to trying to control the world around us, we are free to give our full attention to our teacher, which is this moment, and learn.

I am not saying this is easy. I am not saying it always comes naturally. But it is worth it. And it will bring about greater productivity and happiness.

I love you guys. See you in a moment. One of these moments :) Hopefully soon. :)

Happy Thoughtful Thursday,

–    Lian


#StayWokeWednesday 1: Fast Food Salads Are NOT Healthy.

Fast Food Salads Are NOT Healthy.

I say this because the ingredient they use to keep your salad greens crispy is Propylene Glycol.

Propylene Glycol, also known as a type of propane (eeek!) , is a byproduct of fossil fuel.

It is a colorless liquid, creamy, and tastes slightly sweet.

It is used to melt ice off of planes.


It is also used to make:

antifreeze for your car,

cushions for your outdoor patio furniture,

house paint,

electronic cigarettes (makes the smoke “smoother,”)

and perhaps the scariest of all, Astroglide sexual lubricant.

It comes with a skin irritation warning, possible allergic reaction, and, if exposed to the eyes, may cause conjunctivitis.

Neurologically, isolated oral ingestion of propylene glycol, when taken by a control group, were found to have such side effects as stupor, convulsions, depression and other unspecified “severe mental symptoms.”

– The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it’s “generally recognized as safe.”
– Oncologists have stated that is an extremely dangerous cancer-causing compound.

So I ask you: would you want this chemical in your body?

Stay conscious of how you nourish your body my loves.

Don’t trust the big corporations, big agro OR biggovernment with your health.

I love you. Have an amazing, awakened Wednesday. :)

#staywoke–    Lian

P.S. Of course, the best conversation takes place on social media, so please hashtag #workgrindfly #staywokewednesday with your comments and thoughts! I’d love hear what YOU think about this.


#MindfulMonday – How To Save Money At The Grocery Store

Hey Beautifuls!

Last night I attended a show put on by The Minimalists, as they made a tour stop in San Diego. If you haven't checked out their Netflix Documentary yet, aptly entitled "Minimalism" I definitely recommend it! It’s a mind-expanding, feel-good film that has won awards and will inspire you to make some wonderful, simplifying changes to your life.


Anyway, this concept of minimalism is something I started wholly applying to my nutrition coaching practice 2 years ago. The idea that we could avoid, nay, completely cancel out tons of food options to increase our happiness, healthiness and wealthiness was very appealing to me.


Right now the internet has us on information overwhelm. The amount of food facts, free recipes and supplement options used to make me feel like I was drowning. One could go broke trying to keep up with each and every new detox trend and pretty food blog. But I don’t let any of that happen anymore.


The secret? Well, I’ll get to that. But first let me paint a picture for you.


Let's lay the scene:

In an earnest effort to increase one’s health, a well–meaning person takes a hip new dinner recipe, freshly plucked from a popular Pinterest board, and heads to the grocery store. Upon entering, the health–seeker immediately goes into a state of near hypnosis.


There are rows upon rows of beautiful and exotic produce. Past this section there are many more, all beckoning with loud labels screaming today’s top–trending “health” buzz words. Unprepared for all of this, the health–seeker is overtaken. His weekly budget doesn’t stand a chance.


Tossed into the cart are pickled rutabagas (previously available only in Sweden) because they are said to help prevent cancer. Rainbow beets the store has just debuted onto their shelves must be acquired too because, well, they are just so darn pretty! And of course, 37 of the 38 different ingredients required to make the aforementioned Pinterest recipe are dutifully sourced and thrown into the shopping cart as well, because, of course, none of them are in the pantry/spice cabinet at home.


Sounds expensive right? And bewildering? So many of us have been there. Inevitably within two days of this wildly stressful excursion, after the really cool, edgy, meal that gave the entire family indigestion has been created and consumed, our dear health-seeker opens his fridge, only to find there is nothing inside that he is actually interested in eating.


And so, more money that week ends up getting spent as our hungry on ordering dinner from Postmates and going out to eat each day during lunch break.


It's a cycle of crazy, and it needs to stop. 


Here is how. I introduce to you, the minimalist food shopping experience. 


The Minimalistic Rules of Grocery Shopping

1)   Write out a shopping list. A big part of being a cool and calm minimalist–minded shopper is about being prepared for the hypnotic visual marketing onslaught before ever stepping foot in the door. Also, this list should be based off your nutrition strategy for the week.

This strategy is also something that has already been prepared; it is a thorough game plan created to target and accomplish the your specific health and fitness goals. Example: let’s say you have set a goal to eat one piece of fruit each morning with breakfast,  and have one more later as an afternoon snack. Therefore, the list will be written to include 14 pieces of fruit. 


2)   Make an evergreen veggie list. We know we need to eat our veggies. So instead of being lured in by something weird and exotic you’ve never tried before just because some magazine tells you it’s good for you, make an evergreen list of your top 3 all–time favorite vegetables.

This short but oh so crucial list MUST be comprised of the 3 vegetables that you would be at least semi–excited to quickly grab from your fridge and eat in their raw state. It doesn't matter what vegetables they are, they just have to be raw and hold your long–standing favor.

So the next time you are standing in the produce aisle, gazing at a plant that is half tantalizing, half scary–looking, just keep pushing your cart and look the other way. That’s right, put the pretty rambutan down, and just walk away. You can do it. I believe in you.


3)   Stick to the script. You made your shopping list for a reason. In order to stick to your budget and hold yourself accountable to your health goals. These are noble acts, honor them, and honor yourself for both making them AND being bold enough to follow through. By doing so, you are breaking through “grocery store hypnosis” and have already separated yourself from the pack. This is awesome and you should be proud of yourself. I sure am :)


4)   Make adjustments next week. If something didn’t work, i.e., you ran out of a given food too early, or you got too many breakfast items and not enough for snacks, revise and try again. You will get there, you will figure out what works for your unique taste buds, schedule, metabolism and goals, you just to have to remain patient with yourself, even if everything doesn’t work perfectly the first time.

Too often we decide we decide to make a change in our lives, so we take action, and then? We want to see immediate results. But it doesn’t always work that way. Often there is a learning curve we must go through. But it is worth it, and the life you want to live and the healthy body you are doing all of this for is right on the other side of that learning curve.


5)   Stop Worrying. Concerned about not being well-rounded since you are going to start eating the same 3 vegetableseach week? Are you worried you will not consume all the proper micronutrients needed to function? To this I ask you: Were these concerns at the forefront of your thinking when you only drank coffee for breakfast and lunch and then ordered take out every night last week?

Slow down there tiger. You’ll be okay. Don’t attempt to go from zero to hero with your eating habits. Adopting a few real, grounded healthy habits is far better, and has a much higher chance of long–term success, than attempting to go from an absolutely terrible diet to a pristine, perfect one all in one shot.

Further, what is perfect for one person isn’t always perfect for someone else. When you stop worrying, relax, and take your time putting the pieces together as to what fits YOU best, you will get resistance out of the way that may be blocking your own individual, minimalistic eating path. Lastly, if you still feel you need to hedge your micros, pop a multivitamin, and fugetaboutit :)


6)   Take a week off from being foodie. If you think of yourself as a foodie, but you also want to lose weight, source your entertainment elsewhere for one week, other than food. Observe the shifts that occur in your health and in your perspective with food. If you are nervous about leading a mundane life without the promise of new foods each week to mix things up, remember this: there will always be a few flavors you enjoy more than any others. Therefore it is not the worst thing in the world to be a bit routine with your food, as long as they are foods you enjoy.


That is all for today my loves, implement these rules and I promise your grocery shopping experience will become less expensive AND way less stressful.


ALSO! Don’t think I forgot you my Ab lovers! Here is this week’s Ab Lab exercise! You can do it right at home with a dish towel, stability ball, paper plates, or even some thick socks or slippers! Enjoy!

Do You Ab Slide On All Your Nights Like This

In Good Health!



#ThoughtfulThursday – My New Favorite Weight–Loss Trick

Happy Thoughtful Thursday my love!

Here we are again! We are nearing the end of another work week and the lure of weekend fun beckons us!

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “This weekend is going to be different than the last.”


“THIS weekend I will NOT…               be eating junk food.”

“THIS weekend I will NOT…               be getting up for second helpings at the family barbeque.”

“THIS weekend I MIGHT end up…      at the local mall/movies/ amusement park/baseball game/fancy pants restaurant, or doggone it the local 7Eleven at 1am!”

“But I will NOT…                                 I repeat, I WILL NOT!!


… Eat any junk food.”


Hmmm. Are you sure?

How’d this approach work out for you last weekend?

What about the weekend before that?

Chances are, you probably will end up indulging a bit. And that can be okay. If it’s a little bit.

So how exactly does one go about that? Self–restraint is SO hard! Portion control in social settings?? Or worse yet, portion control behind closed doors when no one is watching after a super–tough work week? In what world???


I am about to make it so easy for you. Watch this.

Simple, Effective, Brainless. Literally.

Just close your eyes.


Whaaaaat?? Yes, I’m serious. Right before some unhealthy food enters your mouth, simply shut those pretty peepers of yours.

This will immediately slow you down. It will FORCE you to re-center. It will cause your body’s intuition to come to your rescue! At long last!

You see, most people don’t even enjoy their food. They start putting the next forkful together before they have even finished chewing the previous one. Then, the meal is gone in 4 minutes and we barely even remember the rich flavors we just consumed.  I, myself have been guilty of this so many times. Our minds are distracted by other thoughts as we start to shovel, and before we know it we’ve eaten more than originally intended. Of course, come Monday, we are then overcome with guilt, lethargy and depression.


Let’s avoid this totally avoidable problem once and for all, shall we?


Shut your eyes. Don’t worry about looking weird. If people ask, blame me. Or tell them it’s a weird new trick you’re trying. And to stop being so nosey, geez.


Seriously though, eating is an intimate experience. I am passionate about this. What you put in your body, what you decide to nourish it with, is an extremely personal decision. Don’t give ANYONE the authority to bully you about what or how you choose to eat.

If you don’t believe that this simple trick will cure you from over eating, try it tonight. Every time you take a bite (healthy or unhealthy) or drink something, close your eyes. Chew or sip slowly, and do not allow yourself to open them again until you have completely swallowed. You can re-open to use your fork or other eating utensil, but then you have to re–close as soon as the next bite nears your mouth, or it will not work.

I have so much to say about the subject of eating with your mind instead of eating with your body, but I will just say this for now: we are an overweight country because our eating decisions sit squarely on the shoulders of our logic, and dear friend, everyone’s logic is skewed. Mine included. One can get the mind to believe anything. The mind is so easily manipulated.

The body, however, never lies. That is why yours is so beautiful. It’s true. Your body holds infinite wisdom, and the only way to tap into this is to pay attention to it (not our ego, or our brain, or our pushy neighbor, or the in-laws, you get the picture.)


We first clear out the noise of the busy, bossy mind. Ergo, we close our eyes.

Now our bodies have some time, some space and some room to tell us what it wants.

Does it want more of something? Is it finished with something? Or, simply does it want to stop for a moment so it can simply enjoy something?

That is all for today. Try this. You will not be disappointed. Please tag me on social media when you share your experience, so that I may hear all of your feedback :)

I am excited for you to have a truly epic and healthy weekend, and just as importantly, a guilt-free Monday.

I’ll cheers to that! :)

I love you. See you soon :)

– Lian


#MindfulMonday – Did You Gain 5 lbs. Last Weekend? / New Ab Lab Exercise

Hey love!

It’s Monday, and I have one question for you: did you summon all of your courage by stepping on the scale this morning? If you did, were you happy with the number you saw?


Or did you freak out a bit, your insides filling up with instant regret?


Did you see extra 5 pounds that weren’t there last Friday, forcing you to ask yourself:


“WHYYY??? Why did I binge out last weekend? Why did I eat those all wings, or have that pizza / beer / ice cream / big mac / [fill in unhealthy junk food here] when I KNEW this was going to happen come Monday??


If not, I don’t want you to fret. Instead, I am going to give you my simple Monday blueprint for getting back to your pre-weekend baseline:


1)    Drink 1 liter of water. Do it now. Don’t wait, don’t complain about it. Just do it. And 2 hours from now, do it again.

2)    Eat light. That means no condiments, no dressings, no added sodium. Stick to raw fruits and fresh green, leafy vegetables. This will make you feel better quickly, and the abundance of fiber and potassium in these foods will help you eliminate some of that extra bulge quickly.

3)    Chill out with the protein. Just for today. Protein is difficult for the body to digest, and it already has a tough enough job sorting through and processing all the gunk you ate this past weekend.

4)    Get a great workout in. I know, I know, you feel sluggish. Doesn’t matter. Exercising today will mentally make you feel back in control and renew your self–confidence. I cannot tell you how important this is. You will go from a cranky, irritable human to a calm and pleasant one. It’s like magic! :) Seriously though, don’t skip out on this. From a physiological stand point too, you’ll stoke the metabolic flames, enhancing your body’s ability to burn off some of the junk food you consumed during the workout, and for hours afterward as well.


Alright dear friend, no more stressing about this, just get the job done and those 5 pounds will be gone again in no time. And for goodness sake, next weekend, don’t repeat the same mistakes. Respect your body, and recognize that it needs love and nourishment, not chemicals, GMO’s and other junk!


I love you. Don’t forget that no matter what you ate, you are still a rockstar. You are still valuable, beautiful and worthy! Have a fantastic, healthy week and I will see you soon :)


–      Lian


P.S. One more thing – Monday Ab Lab is officially in play, which means you get a cool new ab move from me every Monday! It’s called the ‘Something Just Like This’ Leg Lift, and it’s particularly awesome because you can do it right in your kitchen, while you are waiting for dinner to heat up :) Enjoy!

‘Something Just Like This’ Leg Lift



Here's My Oh $h%#! Diet


We’ve all been there.

A vacation comes way quicker than we anticipated.

You are asked to wear a bridesmaid’s dress, that, to your disbelief, combines unflattering material with unflattering tailoring in a way you previously didn’t even think was possible.


Or you get invited to an uber–cool event, and it’s just 3 weeks away! The proper attire listed on the invite? “Poolside Chic.”


Well, I had my own Oh $h%#! moment last night.


I am auditioning my new live online boot camp, (which starts March 1st) for Shark Tank. The bottom line is, the original date of the casting call was for April 18th, but as of last night, it has now been moved up to March 30th.


Oh no! How am I going to be ready in time? When I stand in front of the casting director and the show’s producers, I want to be in the best shape of my life. However, I literally just had back surgery 9 weeks ago. What’s a health nut to do?


I’ll tell you what! Clean up that diet! We all know that it is not just exercise, but nutrition that also leads the charge in getting you the super–fit body that you want.


So today’s blog is a little different. I am going to lay out for you every inch of my eating plan right here and now. I think I will do this in Video Form at some point very soon too, so you can see what some of these items look like as well.


Length of Time 5 weeks


Please note: This is simply a tightened up version of what I eat/do everyday anyway, so the transition is more or less seamless.

Here we go.


Monday – Friday

6:30am 16 oz. water

Workout #1 sometime between 8–12pm. 40 minutes.

7:30am 16 oz. water

Sometime between 9am–12pm:

Banana–Spinach Smoothie

(2 ripe bananas, 3 handfuls of fresh spinach, 32 oz. water)

½ cup old–fashioned Quaker oats with 1 T. Grade B Maple Syrup


Between 2:30–5pm:

1 or 2 apples

2 or 3 large carrots

4–6 GF crackers with almond ricotta (Recipe here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeA-S3IRDwE&t=4s )

2 scoops Raw Veggie Protein Powder mixed with glutamine, BCAA’s and MSM Powder and 16 oz. water

1 cup of berries or 1 mango

32 oz. water


Between 5–7:30pm:

One of the following:

4 ears of corn with 1 T. earth balance butter

unlimited brown rice with seasoning, and/or a green vegetable

unlimited black or kidney beans with seasoning, tomato and avocado

1 GF, Dairy–Free frozen pizza per week

Red or French lentils with seasoning and celery

On Tuesdays & Thursdays: Workout #2 happens between 6:30–7:30pm. 30 minutes


Between 8–8:30pm: 16 oz. water

Optional before bed, one of the following:

½ oz. dark chocolate

½ one 16 oz. bottle of Kombucha

1 oz. of Miyoko’s Kitchen Vegan Mozzarella wrapped in fresh basil leaves and a few olives

3 T. hemp seed


Asleep by 9:30pm



Workout at 9am

Raw all day, skip dinner. (This is a IF-in reverse day for me, if you will)



Rest day, no workout.

1 Cheat meal for brunch or dinner, which will include vegan nachos, soy or seitan-based imitation meats, a cinnamon bun from Cinnaholic (OMG egg–free dairy–free design-your-own donuts. CAN YOU EVEN.) or vegan gelato that my neighbor makes from scratch using rice milk. The rest of the day looks similar to Saturday, minus the Whiskey.



2 nights: Wine Wednesdays (I host girls’ night at my house each week) and Saturday nights usually involve 1 or 2 of the following concoction:

1 oz. Knob Creek whiskey

6 oz. coconut water

½ of one fresh-squeezed lime



Kcals 1700–2800 per day

Water intake 1 gallon per day

Sodium 600–1100 mg per day

Macros All you macro nerds out there, can go ahead and do the math if you wish. But it’s a rough 50/25/25 split.

Workouts per week 7, with each session lasting 30-40 min.

Days with double sessions 2

Rest days 1, with an additional day including only 1 very light workout, such as a brisk walk, roller blading, or easy swim.

Hours of sleep per night 9

Projected result 6 lbs. lost, with an add-on of almost 1 lb. of muscle.


Snapshot of Weekly Grocery List

5 apples
14++ bananas
1 small bag of large carrots
1 wheel of Kite Hill almond ricotta
1 box of GF crackers
1 large bunch of basil
1 large bunch of cilantro
3 limes
5+ tomatoes
2 boxes of spinach
4 ears of corn
1 bag of flash frozen green peas
1 small box of black or kidney beans
1 GF, Dairy–Free pizza, Daiya or Sprouts brand
2 bottles of kombucha
1 liter bottle of Taste Nirvan coconut water
1 glob (LOL) of Miyoko’s Mozz

*Please also note that some items, like Quaker oats, olives, dark chocolate and hemp seeds I have stocked piled a bunch of and won’t need to buy more of before April.

Cost per grocery shop approximately $78 per week.


And that’s it. This is my 5–week game plan to crush the Shark Tank audition.

I don’t know if this diet is right for you or not. This is a highly personalized game plan I built for me. And hey, your taste buds are not my taste buds (shock and horror, you may not fancy whiskey! You may be more of a ‘tini girl or a scotch dude.) J And that’s okay. Because there is one thing in this game planwe ALL CAN benefit from, aside from lots of good sleep of course:


If you would work out with me for the entire month of March, you can. You can join me live on Google Hangouts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings, as well as have my recorded workout links sent straight to your inbox, 7 days a week, for the WHOLE month of March. I am not kidding. I would love to have you with me on my Shark Tank journey.  


The cost for this for the whole month of March is just $19. Use promo code MARCH19 at checkout.

I have never offered anything like this, and I am so excited.

And you know what? I think Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Mr. Wonderful will be too :)

For the entire month of March, I am talking the EXACT same sculpting, fat–burning, intense workouts I am doing, which will get me to my goal while at the same time protect and shield my low back from any further issues.

So what happens after March? If you love the workouts, great! I am not certainly stopping. Never have, never will. The regular unlimited month-to-month membership is $57. You can cancel your memebership at any time, and it is easy to do so. I made sure of this when I created the site, as this is an important factor for me whenever I am looking to join something.

For all the info: www.workgrindfly.com

Also, check out the FAQ section for a solid rundown. If you still have questions, you need to email me. Why? Because I am aways here for you, and I want to do anything I can to help you reach your goals, just like I am trying to reach mine.

We are in this together.

If we can reach our goals together, we can thrive together, which is what life is all about. There is no good in being successful if you are only successful alone.

There is no joy in that.

“In serving each other, we become free.” –Moses Kgosibodiba

Let me know how I may further serve you :) 

Have a beautiful day. Love,



I have had numerous friends tell me that their mantra for 2017 is simply going to be “LOVE.”


Coincidence? I think not. I think this is awesome! It means our collective consciousness is moving, it is heightening!


And today, on all days of the year, we connect with loved ones to share this great passionate thing we all have inside of us.


It is love.


It is all we are at our core.


It is what we crave from others. It is our singular reigning request from our universe. Our treatment of this truth can either create our biggest internal void or our absolute ecstasy. Because our entire perception of what we see outside of ourselves is predicated by what is already happening within us.


Therefore, if we want love, we must give ourselves love first. We cannot give what we don’t have. If you are running low on your own self-love tank you cannot give high-quality, boundless love to others. You cannot be selfless until your self needs are met first.


We wish and we try and we tug and we push to make it the other way around. I see it everyday. But it does not work like this, and it never will :-/


A wise man told me once that if you listen to any conversation, the following is all that is ever really being said:


“Love me.

Love me?

Now do you love me?

Does this make you love me?

How can I get you to love me?

Do you love me now?

Please, love me.”


It doesn’t matter if it is a professional conversation or a personal one. Seriously, test this out for yourself. Listen to people talk. You will see that it’s true.


There is no better day than on this day, sweet Valentine’s Day, to show ourselves love. If that means doing something and pampering yourself in some way, okay go for it. But remember, you do not need anything to love yourself. Everything you need is already inside of you. I’m serious. Stop trying to fill your perceived void with stuff and things and events. You are complete already, you are whole, and there is so, so much of you to love. About 37.2 trillion cells to be exact.


Be the best lover you can be today by loving yourself first. My humble suggestion on how to do so, you can take or leave it:


Find 10 minutes and head to a quiet corner where you will not be disturbed for this brief time. Sit or lie, and breathe. Close your eyes and just follow your breath. Inhale. Exhale.


Slowly, list 5 things in your head that you love about yourself. They can be anything, as all are welcome in this space. Go over each one fully, relishing in the beauty and goodness of each trait. Continue to focus on your slow inhales and exhales. Enjoy your breath. Enjoy your thoughts.


If you find your mind reaching for things that you do not like about yourself, just allow those frustrations to breathe too, without judgment, then gently return back to your list of 5 lovely things.


When you feel you are finished, open your eyes and continue on with your day or evening. You will feel loved, and the world around you may feel a bit softer, a little bit kinder, a little less threatening or invasive. You may feel a little more whole than you did 10 minutes ago, and a bit more peaceful perhaps.


And it will all be coming from you. You showed up and filled that space. Not anyone or anything else.


You did that. And that my friend, is true power.


That my love, is what love can really do.


I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day. :)


– Lian


P.S. Just a gentle heads up, pre–sale has started for the WorkGrindFly live, online bootcamps. Try out a month for only $19 and share your membership with a loved one too :) Head over to www.workgrindfly.com for complete details.


You Are Your Ancestors' Wildest Dream

You are!


Think about it. If you don’t believe me, imagine sitting down with your Great–Grandmother and having a conversation with her about your day.


Tell her about where you live.


Describe what you ate for lunch.


Let her know where you just booked your next vacation.


Tell her about social media and iphones and androids. Heck, you may have to explain to her what the internet is.


If you are a woman, tell her about how you voted in a national election a few months back.


Let her know that right now we are in the middle of Black History Month.


Tell her about your career and/or family plans, and what you aim to manifest for yourself over the next 5 years.


<3   <3     <3   <3


Whether you realize it or not, we all have it really good. I am not saying your entire life has been like one giant Tempurpedic mattress, but your hardest day may still have been more cushy, at least in some aspects, than the hardest days your great–grandmother has seen.


Sometimes this is really hard to remember. To hold space for that gratitude, when so much in our lives seems to be going wrong, can seem like the toughest of tasks.


Is everything right in the world? No. Is everything right within our own lives? Perhaps not. But I bet your great-grandmother, or any of your other ancestors would tell you that it is up to you, dear fellow human, to improve your external reality.


So how do we do this? Well, let’s think about our planet for a second. Mother Earth is just one Big Home that we all inhabit. We all live in the same house. So let’s stop trashing it. And let’s stop bashing our roommates. We all have to live here together, therefore let’s be as mindful of the physical cleanliness as we need to be about the energetic cleanliness. Let’s reduce pollution AND let’s stop yelling at each other. Let’s become more conscious consumers AND let’s end racism once and for all.


Now let’s take this in a more intimate direction.


We have established that Earth is our Big Home. What about our Small Home? If we want to make big changes in this world, let’s examine our immediate living space, because that is where it all starts.


Someone once told me that no single person can effect any real, large-scale change. That statement shook me to my core. I mean, it was just. So. Wrong. Every great idea that ever turned into reality, literally started with one person. So why do we think taking care of our home, our planet would be any different?


I say each one teach one.


Set the right example for your fellow planetary neighbors. Make your home self–sustaining, “green” and vibrating at the highest frequency possible. Your neighbors will be inspired by you to do the same thing. Share with them your research, your discoveries and your how-to’s. Show them the way. YOU BE the that first fingertip touching down and creating the ripple in the pool.


Okay now let’s really hit home.


It’s true we have discussed our Big Home (Earth) and our Small Home (living situation.) What other home is there?


You guessed it! Your body. This is your first and most immediate home, the one that you have the highest level of responsibility to care for. In effect, when you care for your body, you are really caring for the planet.


Do you see how this is so? It is all one. Everything is connected. Every time we use a resource to care for our bodies, we take this resource from our larger home and bring into our smallest home, generating either a negative or a positive effect on both our body and on the planet, every single time.


It is the same whether we are dealing with physical supplies or energies. Of course, everything is energy anyway. But I digress.


My loves, my Big Home roommates, the only way out is in!


The only way to solve anything is to fix it from the inside out. You cannot give something that you do not have. So if you want to create world peace, you must first create peace within yourself. Only then will you have any power to make peace with others. If you want a greener planet, you must first create an alkaline internal environment within your first and most immediate physical space.


Your contribution counts. To think otherwise would completely and utterly unenlightened. You have just as much responsibility as anyone else. I don’t care if you are a CEO or a janitor, live in a densely populated city or if your Small Home is in the woods and has no next-door neighbors at all. The decisions you make everyday are. Very. Important.


Because no life is worthless. And no life is any more worthy or deserving than any other. If you do not believe this, just think back to what your ancestors would tell you. Reflect on how hard they had to work to receive the same pleasures that are now reside at your very fingertips. Don’t waste this beautiful life you have, and don’t waste this beautiful body you have been given, or the beautiful Big Home you inhabit. Those they came before you worked too hard, and they loved and believed in you too much, for you to complain, have self–doubt or just throw your inherent human responsibilities away.


Change what you think is worthless into a life worth living. You can do this automatically. It does not take years of therapy. You can change the perception of your own life with the snap of your fingers, and in doing so, you will instantly change the quality of your life and the quality of your Homes.


We need more awake people.


How you care for your ALL of your Homes matters so much.


We need more folks who think about their Great–Grandmas when they get down or get tired. This can be our auto–perception snap–back: the juxtaposition of your life against theirs, of their struggles and triumphs and sacrifices against your own.


If you need an instant way to re-calibrate your thoughts and remember how important you are, how worthy, this is it. In your imagination, in the privacy of your own thoughts, have that conversation with Great-Grandma. Ask for her wisdom to help guide you to making healthier decisions that will yield a positive outcome for you AND the greater good. Then give the advice away. Share it with your roommates, your neighbors, your fellow earthlings, whatever you want to call us :)

I Love You.

Talk soon.





66 Hours From Now

Hey Friend,

2016 was burly.

I don’t know if I can handle another one! Thankfully, we all won’t have to, because in 66 hours from the time I sent you this email, it will be a whole new year.

So what does 2017 mean to you?

Do you want 2017 to be different than 2016? I know I sure do. So what will have to change in your world in order for this come true?

Seriously though, may I be honest with you? When you wake up between 6-11am on Sunday, January 1st, 2017… (depending on how late you were out the night before)

… There’s not going to be a new car in your driveway.

… You’re not going to wake up next to a new spouse.

… There won’t be some extra zero’s waiting for you in your bank account.

… You most likely won’t have a new job.

… and you won’t wake up to brand new athletic body.

So what’s left to change that will make this year so different?


I mean you on the inside!! Deep down in there. Those hard-to-reach places of your mind and those tender spots in your heart.

Those are going to be your catalysts for change. YOU have to be the one. No one else. Otherwise, nothing is ever going to get better.

Not next year or any other year after that. And you are worth too much. You are too valuable, your gifts are too sorely needed on this planet, we need YOU to step it up and make it happen.

Before you take massive action figure out exactly what it is that you do want. Get specific. Maybe your biggest downfall in 2016 was that you simply didn’t know what you were after, so you just took anything that came your way and ended up wasting precious time.

But not 2017. No,

THIS YEAR you decide what you truly want.

THIS YEAR you put an end to the games.

THIS YEAR you put an end to the excuses.


How to Slay in 2017:

Step #1 Stop being a victim.

If your 2016 totally sucked, join the club.

Stop creating an inner environment that breeds victim-ship. (Yes, I like my made-up word.)

I still have my moments with this, I begrudgingly admit. I flip these thoughts, and instead say “I am so thankful that life knocked me to my knees, literally, this year. Because if it hadn’t, I would have learned nothing. I would not have grown. And I would not have discovered how strong I really am.”

  • You may have experienced financial setbacks this year.
  • You may have lost someone who was very close to you.
  • You may have gone through a near-death experience, or a debilitating accident.

I can relate to all of these things. Even if it’s no more than a case of you just let you down this past year, it’s okay. Put it behind you.

If you owe you this year, then get to work and pay your dues.

You put you on probation for once! This time YOU say to yourself:

“No more take-out right now. No more pizza. No more video games. No more partying, not right now. No, we work it now. The real hustle starts now. In the dark, while no one’s watching, we put in the work now.”

This generates the sweet spot where we change, we grind and we grow.

I am so passionate about this! Listen, if you got side tracked in 2016, if you got pushed around, if life roughed you a bit, get up and dust yourself off. Pick your head up and cruise it into this new year like you got this because you do.


Step #2 Realize who you truly are.

I said it in my last post. You know who you are. There is a 1 in 12 billion chance that you were going to make it to this planet and you did. So whether you like it or not, your life is valuable, and nothing short of a miracle.

Let’s start acting like it and stop taking each day for granted.

Stop expecting things to just be handed to you. If you want something, you still have work hard every day to get it. Technology advancements didn’t change this fact, they just upped the stakes. There is no way out of this if your goal is truly a worthy one.


Step #3 Again, figure out what you truly want.

I mean what you want so bad it’ll feel like you’ve been stabbed in the chest on December 31st,2017 if you don’t reach your goal.

Be grateful for all the incredible gifts you have in your life, and stop worrying about what you don’t have. Stop being upset about what you will never have, and start working towards the things that you can and want to attain. These are what truly matter.

It took me so long to get this through my head. Slow learner is an understatement.

Listen, I can’t snowboard this winter season. I can’t surf. I can’t rockclimb. I can’t dance. I can’t even run. All of the physical activities I enjoy more than anything, I may never be able to do some of these things again.

But so what? I’m here. And I have been given the greatest gift of all. The ability to do what I am on this Earth to do.

I am here to grind.

I am here to love.

I am here to give.

I am here to serve.

I am here to mend.

I am here to enjoy.

What are you here for? Truly, what is your life about? This year, find out what that is, and then you wake up every single day ready to get after it. Every day. You don’t get to take a day off. You did that already in 2016, and there is no time for that now.

Make 2017 the year that you shine. The year that show up and show out.

You look your best, you feel your best, you do your best. That’s it. Game over. New Year, No excuses this time.

I love you. See you next year :)


P.S. Side note, if you would like to join me for an amazing Live ONLINE Nutrition & Fit Lifestyle Workshop and turn your fitness-related resolutions into reality, click here for details and tickets.

Enter promo code 50OFFWORKSHOP at checkout for $50 off the regular price! Why? Because, I freaking love you, that's why! :)

Hurry, this event will sell out, there are only so many spots in the virtual classroom :)

Everyone's Biggest Fear (If You Are In Pain)



Hey you!

This message goes deep today! Just warning you, if you want to keep your mood light and fluffy at the moment then don't read this. Also, 2nd warning: there are a few explicit words in here.

Lastly, if you do not feel like reading this long message, I made it super easy for you! I made of video myself reading this to you :)

Watch that here: https://youtu.be/2LxP819lBfQ

Okay here it goes! 


What is your biggest fear?


I bet I could name it for you. I bet if you dig past the fluff, it is this:


“I am not enough. Therefore, I will never be loved.”


That’s it. I said it. {Pause for awkward silence.}



You know, a lot of our irrational, destructive eating patterns are prodded by this fear.


No, I mistyped. They are completely controlled by it. Ipso facto, our eating is dominated by our fear.


From the anorexic teen who stands in solidarity, denying herself sustenance day after day, to the overweight, sluggish married guy who hates his job, his expanding gut and his car, so he drinks a 6–pack of his feelings each night to cope.


We hate our fear. It is more real than dirt and we bow to serve it unquestioningly every day. We offer our bodies and our sanity up as sacrifice, and it {our fear} all to happily accepts, crippling us in the process. Day after day, lifetime after lifetime. The slow grind. It’s killing all of us.


I look around each day and I see so much pain. Everyone is living in fear. And so because of this, everyone is in pain. But there is such a simple solution here.


My goal is to name the culprit.

{Fear of not being loved.}


From this identification we can face it.

{Acknowledge that we are enough, and that all the love we need is actually right there inside of us.}


Then comes the fun part.


We go spit in it’s face. {Haha!}


You see, I realized who I was one day. I just got it. I realized how f***ing powerful I am. {As are you.}


I realized that I am a goddess, a priestess.

F***ing royalty.

{You are too.}


And who had been my biggest oppressor this whole time?


Me. {Haha!}


Ego. {My fear.}

Ego demanded I show up to school everyday. And I did. I played the student well. Fear wanted to be a cruel teacher and I it’s model student.


F*** that.


That day, the day I found out who I was, I flunked out of class. I just walked out. I threw my textbook labeled “Martyr Yourself First So The World Can’t” against the chalkboard and cruised.


I told life–long mediocrity to kick rocks, and that was it. I didn’t look back because I was done. Done with the old way. Done with the mental beat downs. Done with pandering to my ego. Allowing it to my suck out my energy, my precious inner light, and hold it for ransom each day.

{You have the same light inside of you.}


Pandering to the ego actually feels good for a little while, but soon enough turns back into misery. And so we sink deeper, clinging ever tighter to our oppressor {fear/ego}, Stockholm Syndrome-style.


It was a sick, twisted joke, and I wasn’t laughing anymore. It was time to honor me, to support me, to love me so that in turn I showed up in the world each day infinitely better, and well–equipped to honor and support my fellow brothers and sisters.


Because if we aren’t honoring ourselves… {pause}


honoring OURSELVES!




If we are doing THAT? Then WTF are we doing?


Seriously. No one else is going to do this for us. That’s OUR job. You will always get the level of treatment from others that you accept. Nothing more. You will always allow others to treat you just a tiny bit worse than you treat yourself. Always.


You owe yourself. Start taking responsibility for your current state of happiness. Or misery.


I certainly owed myself that much in spades, and it was time to pay up.


So I started to work hard, and I started to exist hard.


I don’t know if this makes sense.


I started showing up each day as the beautiful source of love I was created to be, {and now finally knew I was} both for myself and for others.


This was new. This was pleasure. This felt so… good. I had come home. Nothing was easier, but everything was… softer. And the days of caring about anything other than the relentless pursuit of fulfilling my compassionate purpose here on this earth {I want to help end suffering} became a distant memory. I just didn’t give a f*** anymore. And at the same time I cared moredeeply than I ever had before, because this time, it was coming from a different place.


And it wasn’t a peaceful parting, but it brought me peace.


And so I want the same for you, dear friend.


Hear me loud, my love –


You DO enough.


You HAVE enough.


You ARE enough.


… and you are loved.


That is it. No more. The pain {your fear} stops now, and it stops with you.


If you have others depending on you, remember this always!

You cannot give what you don’t have.


Choose to love yourself. It is so worth it. Choose to end your own suffering by totally and completely accepting you, just as you are. You owe you that much. You have kept up that strong front for so, so long.


Fall in love with all your shiny parts, and all your shadowy ones too. Your biggest problem will undeniably end up being your greatest gift.


And if you are really going through it right now, and you feel like you cannot breathe each night because you are so consumed with fear, just know –  You can get through this. Everything that is happening to you, is happening for you.


You will turn it all around. All of it. All of you. Love. Acceptance. No fear. You are nothing more. Just love. And there is nothing in this world that is more powerful.


I love you. Happy Wednesday, {or whatever day you are reading this}. Talk soon.



My Favorite Late–Night Snack (Video)


Happy Friday! I thought I’d send along this quick and easy recipe I came up with. This is the PERFECT snack for you if:

1)    You are most likely going out this weekend.

2)    You may have a long night or two (or three, who knows?) of partying ahead of you.

3)    You will more than likely come home between 1-3am, starvinggg.

4)    At this point your brain will still be signaling you to somewhat care about what’s going into your body next, even in a slightly intoxicated state.

5)    But you STILL crave deliciousness and crunchiness and savory-ness!!

( I know, that last one was not really a real word :-/)

Well, I humbly offer a satisfying solution to your problem! Here is the video on how to make my favorite late-night snack. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Weekending!!

I love you and please party safely :)


P.S. Here is the video again :)




Being Vulnerable

Heyyyyyy you!


I know. I know.

It’s been a long time with no word from me. It’s messed up!

But I promise. I can make it up to you. Here’s how I plan to.




I know a statement in all-caps can come off a little obnoxious, but I am just so darn excited. You see, these past 8 months (yes, it has been that long. Yikes!) I have learned so, so much about the human body, the human spirit, and the fierce amount of control the mind exercises over both.


On April 27th, I herniated a disc in my lower back. I didn’t know it at the time though; only that I could not stand up straight anymore, so I tried every type of therapy imaginable. Nothing worked and my condition got alot worse.


I went from hobbling to crawling. I briefly graduated to crutches, but when the pain got to be too great to take even just a few steps, I went back to a life on all fours.


4 ½ months, $8700, hundreds of pills, 3 black outs, 2 nights in the ER and 1 barely usable MRI later (I couldn’t lie flat for the imaging process) I underwent emergency surgery to repair the 10mm++ tear between my L5 and S1 vertebrae.


The doctor removed over half the disc. He said the herniation was massive, one of the biggest he had ever seen. I will never grow that disc back.


He also joked that he had placed bets with his nurses, that I would be one the 8% to re-herniate within the first 12 weeks post-op, due to my active lifestyle and profession.


Ha-ha, I thought. I was determined to prove him wrong.


Now this is the hardest part for me to tell you. I ended up not proving him wrong. I re-herniated my disc before my 12 weeks of recovery were up.


I grit my teeth as I write this. It’s so hard to tell you, because I just feel so… well, dumb.


Rupture a disc once, shame on the universe. Rupture that disc twice, well shame on me. I have no one else to blame but myself.


This is why I have not written in so long. But back to how I am going to make it up to you.


I have been to hell and back, returning with valuable lessons learned. I want to share these with you so that you can use them in your life too.


My hope is that you can take these and use them to live a happier, healthier and more peaceful existence, without having to go through a gnarly injury to do so.


Lesson #1 – Don’t EVER take your body for granted.


Lesson #2 – Appreciate everything. I mean everything. Standing upright. Being able to walk. Lying in a bathtub. Sitting with your back against the trunk of a tree, breathing in some fresh air. Driving a car. Sneezing, pain-free.


Lesson #3 – Be grateful for and utilize nourishing food, fresh water and adequate rest. These are the cornerstones that enabled me to stay slim and trim with zero exercise.


Lesson #4 – If you feel you are pushing yourself too hard, then you are. STOP. It’s NOT worth it.


Lesson #5 – Start meditating. Now.


Lesson #6 – Learn to enjoy being in your own skin. Whatever you have to do to get there, do it. Change your eating patterns. Get more sleep. Switch jobs. Get a better schedule. Get some new clothes. Whatever it is, don’t wait any longer. Life is too short, and it’s not worth it to live any other way.


If I could give one gift, it would be to help others feel the way I now do: wholly complete, and happy in their own skin. I want you to share this gift with me. I want YOU to be happy, and to feel fully comfortable in your own body too.


Lesson #6 – Love your loved ones. Love them with all you’ve got, because I’ll bet you they need it, even if they’re too independent to tell you so.


That was me. Too independent, or more accurately speaking, too pig-headed to ask for help. I thought I didn’t need anyone, until I was stripped of everything I had always wrapped my identity in.


The family, friends and clients who stepped in to help me, ignoring my stubbornness and literally pouring their love onto me, I will be forever grateful for. Even as it felt like life was crumbling down around me, the loving emails, Facebook messages, donations, phone calls and texts helped me get through this challenging time.


Neighbors coming by with green smoothies, friends taking Jeter out to play and giving me piggy back rides when I needed to get somewhere; I will never, EVER forget these kind and selfless acts. It makes me well up with tears writing about them, even months later. I plan to pay it all forward tenfold.


Lesson #7 – Love the core of who you are. Let’s get past all the fluff already. I am learning that none of it ever mattered.


Ask yourself this: Who are you, when you can do nothing but just… be?


When doing anything hurts so bad, even thinking, who are you then?


What then, is left of you? Deep inside, what are you truly made of?


I’ll tell you what you are. You are love. You are courage. You are beautiful. Right down to your core. At your essence.


I know this…to be your truth.


I love you guys. I go in for surgery again on December 14th. I promise to stay better in touch this time around. Talk to you soon.


Love, Lian