Answer Me This (and Snowboard Snacks)

(From archived blog, circa March 2015.)

Hey Fit Fam!

Not too long ago I did a podcast that will be featured on the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” section later this year. I thoroughly prepared for the interview, and thought it would kind of cool to give you a first-hand peek at a few of the questions the host asked me, and the corresponding answers I had wrote down.

Also, I went snowboarding again last week (last run of the season L) and I share with you in this video what I pack to eat every time I go. It’s pretty basic, and I don’t really vary it too much, but these foods really hit the spot for me and help me have great, high-energy rides! :)

For Fits Sake! Podcast Q & A 
(A glance behind-the-scenes)

Favorite Success/Motivational Quote: Please share a quote that really means something to you and displays a value or lesson you've learned in life.

It has been proven to me time and time again through my work that the magic lies in the little, not-so-noticeable things, and that the smallest changes WILL ALWAYS yield the most admirable results.
Just think about hormones. These teeny, tiny things that are an invaluable part of your system control everything from appetite to mood, to sex drive, to energy level, to hair growth, to pregnancy and the list goes on. Yet you can only see them under a high-tech microscope. So small, yet one the most powerful forces I can think of!

Or just think about it this way, Michael Phelps has won many gold medals not by minutes, not by seconds, but by fractions of seconds. This past Aug 23, 2014, he took first in the 100meter butterfly at the Pan Pacific Championships in Gold Coast, Australia. His time was 51.29 seconds, and Ryan Lochte, who took 2nd place clocked in at 51.67. That’s a difference of “point” .38 seconds.

And this is true for so many things in life. A five-minute difference can either make or break a first impression, making you either look on-time, punctual, pulled-together and in-control, or late, frazzled, careless, and perceived as not valuing the other person’s time. It may make or break your chances of landing a new job, new sale, new client or new promotion. In the crazy world of bodybuilding, a 5 lb. difference is a HUGE separator, forget about it a ONE pound difference is a huge divider of first, second and third place.

People always notice the details and so does your body, and I am excited to dive into that in more detail in a little bit here.
Consistency/Success: Again, I know you have identified what it takes to remain healthy. Please share what you believe are the top 3 traits and qualities that people posses who are staying consistent and successful in their journey.

So first thing: develop your game plan, and depending on where you are at this point metabolically and knowledge-wise, work with a nutrition expert who has a proven track record. AKA pick one that has the fruit on the tree! Please, I beg you, this is the most basic concept in my industry, and honestly every industry this simple principle is so often overlooked.

Think about it, If you need help managing your finances, are you going to seek the counsel of somebody who’s house is in foreclosure and who’s bank accounts do not show the numbers you would like to see in your own accounts? No, obviously not. So please, when seeking a fitness professional, seek out someone who has the body you want, the leanness and muscle tone you desire, and lives the healthy, sustainable lifestyle you want to emulate. Someone who is knowledgeable and talks the talk, but backs that up by walking the walk. Someone with passion for what they do, because you know then that will be absolutely passionate and fired up to help you achieve your goals as well.

Second: Be consistent. Remember, what you do every single day, all the time, is wayyy more important than what you do once in a while. And you will never be consistent if you can’t learn to be patient. You have to un-learn the instant gratification that the media is force-feeding down our throats every day. Respecting your body, and all it will do for you if you let it, can only happen with time. Remember our cheesy but useful analogy, if someone cheats on you, they have to invest a lot of time to win back your trust, for you to show them the same love again. Your body will eventually show you lots of love, but the more times you have messed with it, the longer it will take, so hang in there, be patient and learn to give your body tons of TLC :)

Third: Have as much of your food that you are eating come out of the ground. We need to stop it with all this processed crap. These diet shakes, and diet bars and diet mush for meals, it needs to stop! Again, this is not how you show your body love. Give your body whole, unprocessed, single ingredient foods, as much as possible. Keep things simple for your body to recognize, digest and assimilate. And I’m going to get some haters out there for saying this, but stop spending so much time in the kitchen! In my opinion, if the meals you are cooking for yourself and your loved ones are taking hours to make, they are not maximally healthy. Unless you are a chef by trade, or if you truly receive relaxation and a calming, zen effect from being in your kitchen and treasure your time cooking as a way to decompress, then that’s awesome and I will never keep someone from that if that is the case. But to the rest of you, that are like me, because my meal prep always ranges from 45 seconds to about 8 minutes tops, stop with the complicated, overcooked, nutrient-deficient meals and invest that time to tackle some other obstacle life is currently throwing at you.

What if someone says to you, eating healthy is too expensive, what can I do if I'm on a budget? 
This is actually a huge myth that the processed food giants like Kellogg’s, Nabisco, Kraft foods, etc. want you to believe. But in reality, eating healthy IS cheaper. A documentary by Katie Kouric which just came out recently does an excellent job busting up this myth. They put together a healthy meal for a family of 4, and I think they showed a baked chicken some spinach or other green vegetable, some bread, water and perhaps some fruit? Next to a huuuuge amount of food from McDonald’s, set for a 4 person family to consume, and the total price tag for the healthier meal came out to just over 13 dollars, and the Mickey D’s meal was over it was 22 or 23 bucks. So don’t listen to the hype. Real, unprocessed food can often times be much cheaper!

Should I consider supplements or meal replacements? 
It depends on the individual’s goals and the current state of their body. Can certain supplements, that are organically derived help speed us along to a desired end result? Yes. But we always want to check our true motives when considering the consumption of a pill or “meal replacement” We want to ask, can I get this desired result from real food? Is this going to get me what I want now, but sabotage my results and slide me backwards later? And if that is the case, then it is definitely not a good idea.

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Again the snowboarding video: (I love this song!)

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)