66 Hours From Now

(From archived lianprice.com blog, circa 2015–2017.)

2016 was burly. 

I don’t know if I can handle another one. 

Thankfully, we won’t have to, because in 66 hours from the time I sent you this email, it will be a whole new year.


So what does 2017 mean to you?


Do you want 2017 to be different than 2016? I know I sure do. So what will have to change in your worldin order for this come true? 


Seriously though, may I be honest with you? When you wake up between 6-11am on Sunday, January 1st, 2017… (depending on how late you were out the night before)


… There’s not going to be a new car in your driveway. 


… You’re not going to wake up next to a new spouse. 


… There won’t be some extra zero’s waiting for you in your bank account.


… You most likely won’t have a new job.


… and you won’t wake up to brand new athletic body.


So what’s left to change that will make this year so different? 




I mean you on the inside!! Deep down in there. Those hard-to-reach places of your mind and those tender spots in your heart. 


Those are going to be your catalysts for change. YOU have to be the one. No one else. Otherwise, nothing is ever going to get better. 


Not next year or any other year after that. And you are worth too much. You are too valuable, your gifts are too sorely needed on this planet, we need YOU to step it up and make it happen.


Before you take massive action figure out exactly what it is that you dowant. Get specific. Maybe your biggest downfall in 2016 was that you simply didn’t know what you were after, so you just took anything that came your way and ended up wasting precious time. 


But not 2017. No, THIS YEAR you decide what you truly want.

THIS YEAR you put an end to the games.

THIS YEAR you put an end to the excuses.


How to Slay in 2017:


Step#1 Stop being a victim.


If your 2016 totally sucked, join the club. 


Stop creating an inner environment that breeds victim-ship. (Yes, I like my made-up word.) 


I still have my moments with this, I begrudgingly admit. I flip these thoughts, and instead say “I am so thankful that life knocked me to my knees, literally, this year. Because if it hadn’t, I would have learned nothing. I would not have grown. And I would not have discovered how strong I really am.” 


–   You may have experienced financial setbacks this year.


–   You may have lost someone who was very close to you.


–   You may have gone through a near-death experience, or a debilitating accident.


I can relate to all of these things. Even if it’s no more than a case of you just let youdown this past year, it’s okay. Put it behind you. 


If you owe youthis year, then get to work and pay your dues. 


You put you on probation for once! This time YOU say to yourself:


“No more take-out right now. No more pizza. No more video games. No more partying, not right now. No, we work it now. The real hustle starts now. In the dark, while no one’s watching, we put in the work now.”


This generates the sweet spot where we change, we grind and we grow.


I am so passionate about this! Listen, if you got side tracked in 2016, if you got pushed around, if life roughed you a bit, get up and dust yourself off. Pick your head up and cruise it into this new year like you got this because you do



Step#2 Realize who you truly are.


I said it in my last post. You know who you are. There is a 1 in 12 billion chance that you were going to make it to this planet and you did. So whether you like it or not, your life is valuable, and nothing short of a miracle. 


Let’s start acting like it and stop taking each day for granted.


Stop expecting things to just be handed to you. If you want something, you still have work hard every day to get it. Technology advancements didn’t change this fact, they just upped the stakes. There is no way out of this if your goal is truly a worthy one. 



Step#3Again, figure out what you truly want. 


I mean what you want so bad it’ll feel like you’ve been stabbed in the chest on December 31st,2017 if you don’t reach your goal.

Be grateful for all the incredible gifts you have in your life, and stop worrying about what you don’t have. Stop being upset about what you will never have, and start working towards the things that you can and want to attain. These are what truly matter.



It took me so long to get this through my head. Slow learner is an understatement.


Listen, I can’t snowboard this winter season. I can’t surf. I can’t rockclimb. I can’t dance. I can’t even run. All of the physical activities I enjoy more than anything, I may never be able to do some of these things again.


But so what? I’m here. And I have been given the greatest gift of all. The ability to do what I am on this Earth to do.


I am here to grind. 

I am here to love. 

I am here to give. 

I am here to serve. 

I am here to mend. 

I am here to enjoy. 


What are you here for? Truly, what is your life about? This year, find out what that is, and then you wake up every single day ready to get after it. Every day. You don’t get to take a day off. You did that already in 2016, and there is no time for that now. 


Make 2017 the year that you shine. The year that show up and show out. 


You look your best, you feel your best, you do your best. That’s it. Game over. New Year, No excuses this time.