Action cures heartache

Happy Monday!!! Where’s everyone at today?? I know I just took 9 days off to float around in the ocean, so I am ALL UP in the gym and in my work right now, and loving every bit of it 

I am here wishing you a very prosperous, exciting and impactful Monday. Hear this: even if you don’t love your job, you don’t love the current state of your health, body, an important personal relationship, your finances, your spiritual life, or any other area, work to get what you normally have to get done today, then carve out 10-30 minutes and do something to improve that area. It doesn’t seem like much time, but if that’s all you have and you get 100% focused effort to that one area of improvement that has been weighing on you, I promise you will feel a little better.

Action cures heartache.

Take a stand for the one thing that has been knawing at you and aim to put forth honest, humble, open-hearted effort towards it, and good things WILL start to happen. It is never too late to gain the benefits from a situation or an experience that have been placed in your life to make you better. I know what it feels like to have zero extra time, but the smallest effort, even if it is just making a to-do list, a quick spreadsheet, or sending a loving text, a prayer or creating space for a brief meditation, your earnest act will start a small ripple effect that will encourage and embolden you to take future action and create the compounded positive result you desire. 

I love you, and I believe in you! If you’d like to, share the one thing you know you need to do to the move the needle forward in one area of your life.