Busy Busy Busy :)

Hi babes!

I have not posted in 10 days. Holy smokes! I have been up to my eyeballs in work since the WorkGrindFly 3 Day Challenge and subsequent launch of the Body Upgrade Intensive. But it’s awesome because it’s been the good kind of packed! I have never been more happy in my life. The Intensive group is absolutely crushing! Everyone is losing weight, having body breakthroughs and embeding new healthy lifestyle habits into their daily and weekly routines. So, so cool 

And I feel so honored and excited because no one else is offering something like this right now.

There are two ends of the fitness coaching spectrum: the low-end where workout and diet-based subscriptions are $3-5 a month and offer no personalization, zero accountability and no live support from the trainer.

Then there is the high end of training, which is private, high-tough and comes with a high end price point as well.

What The Body Upgrade Intensive offers will completely transform the way things are done in the fitness industry. We offer a one-stop, centralized hub for EVERY facet of an individual’s fitness journey.

There is no else offering total nutrition and workout customization, a high level of support, accountability and access to me, the expert, for questions and and edits, at such a decent price point. Plus we are using top-notch software - It’s unreal how much more effective and productive this has been for the members of this Intensive.

Anyway I am super stoked, the future is so bright, and tne majority of Americans being unhealthy, physically weak and overweight is about to be a thing of the past - this is my vision, my forever battle cry, and the reason why I wake up day after day, pumped up and excited out of my mind to get to work. I love you, happy Tuesday!

Let’s Goooo!!!



P.S. Have questions about The Body Upgrade Intensive? I would love to answer them! Book a call with me HERE.