Client Success Story

(March 10, 2016)

What up Fly Tribe!

Check. This. Out. BY FAR, one of the coolest success stories yet that I have the honor to report!

Such an amazing person! There are 6 months, 5 pant sizes and 38.6 total pounds between these 2 photos. The photo on the left shows a person who was a bit out of sorts, a completely erratic eater, and never exercised. She was also convinced when we started that her given genetics would forever prevent her from having a shapely booty. She was a size 12 in pants and at 5'6" weighed in at 172 lbs. Her goal was to get to 145 lbs. and she felt like this was an insurmountable feat at the time. 

Fast forward to today, and the photo on the right.  This client has now been at a steady 133 lbs. for the past 2 months, is a perfect-fitting size 4! She surpassed her weight loss goals by 12 lbs!! She is a different person. Confident, respectful of and at peace with her amazing body and all that it is capable of, and proud of accomplishing what used to seem like such a daunting task. She is still just as sweet and humble as ever, but there is a light in her eyes now and every time I see her on FaceTime she is smiling.

The craziest part of all is how she did it. Ready for this?? She only works out 2 days a week. Literally, she does 2 #facetime #workouts with me per week (we are on opposite coasts) and a little walking, and THAT'S IT. She gets to sleep on time,  has quadrupled her water intake,  cut way down on ger caffeine consumption, ️ and doesn't starve herself anymore. That's right, she now eats at least 3x per day  and, among other #nutrition tweaks, has seriously increased her #fruit and leafy green #vegetable  consumption and reduced her unhealthy fat intake. 

I could not be more #proud of you girlfriend!! ️ you have shattered your goals and are in the best shape you have ever been. The sky is the limit for you, and I thank you SO MUCH for setting the right example and living a #healthy and #happy life.


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