Fast Food Salads Are NOT Healthy.


Fast Food Salads Are NOT Healthy.

I say this because the ingredient they use to keep your salad greens crispy is Propylene Glycol.

Propylene Glycol, also known as a type of propane (eeek!) , is a byproduct of fossil fuel.

It is a colorless liquid, creamy, and tastes slightly sweet.

It is used to melt ice off of planes.


It is also used to make:

antifreeze for your car,

cushions for your outdoor patio furniture,

house paint,

electronic cigarettes (makes the smoke “smoother,”)

and perhaps the scariest of all, Astroglide sexual lubricant.

It comes with a skin irritation warning, possible allergic reaction, and, if exposed to the eyes, may cause conjunctivitis.

Neurologically, isolated oral ingestion of propylene glycol, when taken by a control group, were found to have such side effects as stupor, convulsions, depression and other unspecified “severe mental symptoms.”

– The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it’s “generally recognized as safe.”
– Oncologists have stated that is an extremely dangerous cancer-causing compound.

So I ask you: would you want this chemical in your body?

Stay conscious of how you nourish your body my loves.

Don’t trust the big corporations, big agro OR biggovernment with your health.

I love you. Have an amazing, awakened Wednesday. :)

#staywoke–    Lian

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