Game–Changing Habit To Try

Hey Fly Tribe!

Try this Game-changing habit on for size:

Question every thought that comes into your head. EVERY single one. If something triggers you, don’t react. Instead, go back to that source. What is the real reason you are being triggered right now. Don’t settle for the first answer you come up with either. Peel back a few thought layers, and you will come to your truth.

Questions to ask:

Do I really align with this intitial belief?

Am I willing to fight for this belief?

Who taught me to believe this belief?

If it were proved to me right now that my belief is wrong, how would that make me feel? How would that shape my current reality?

How did this belief serve me in the past? Did it serve anyone else by encouraging me to think this way? Does this belief serve me and others positively now?

Does this belief actually end up confusing me more? Or does it give more clarity to my life’s direction?

I hope this helps others, as it is helping me tremendously. Sending love your way today! Happy Thursday @lianprice @workgrindfly @epicentrepreneurhouse