Grow A Bigger, Higher Booty – My Top 7 Tips

Hi Ladies!

If you really want to build bigger glutes, you have come to the right place! In four and a half months, I was able to increase my booty by 1.7 inches, from 34.25”-36” by taking the action steps I outline here. Members of The WGF™ Body Upgrade Intensive with the same booty-expansion goals are seeing similar results by combining the same steps below with glute–focused weight training workouts.

Many of these workouts I’ve filmed and posted to my Instagram page, complete with reps, sets and full descriptions. You can go check these out and give them a try at . Be sure to like, follow and tag a friend! :)

But as you know there are other important factors for growing bigger, higher glutes besides just exercise! What I have outlined below is not fluff, these are 7 rules I personally live by and my clients implement too. WARNING: ⚠️ some of these may come as a shocker‼️

Booty Growing Tip #1: CLARIFY YOUR TOP GOAL

If you are like most awesome kick–butt women, you already have a full schedule. Career, family responsibilities, with some social life sprinkled in...Therefore, if you only get so much time in the gym, you have to decide what’s most important NOW. If it’s overall weight loss, your workouts will look much different. If the #1 goal is to do 10 dead-hang pullups, you’ll dedicate most of your time to building upper body strength.


Booty Growing Tip #2: PUT IN THE TIME

Okay, so you’ve decided your #1 gym-time goal is to get bigger glutes. Congrats! Now it’s time to put in the work. To get these results, I put in 2 glute training sessions per week, spaced 3 days apart, & each session is about 2 hours long. Yup, you read that right! If you are already pretty fit, it is going to take alot of TIME UNDER TENSION to grow your already well-conditioned glutes. That is why you have to prioritize what you want from your gym time, which means you may have to cut out lower priority goals for a bit. 


Booty Growing Tip #3: GET HQ SLEEP

If you are missing out on high-quality sleep, especially during the 10–2 time, your glutes will not grow as much! 10pm to 2am is the 4–hour window when the body does the majority of its “heavy lifting” for the night; fat breakdown/burning, muscle protein synthesis and hormone re-balancing. Here’s the clincher: if you are asleep during that time but are NOT getting HIGH QUALITY sleep, results can still be compromised. Screen time / blue light exposure before bed absolutely wrecks sleep quality, so I highly recommend getting a pair of blue light blocking glasses from Diff Eye Wear or BluBlockers, sold on Amazon. Wear these anywhere from 1–3 hours before going to bed. I share more of the science behind this in The WGF™ Body Upgrade Intensive, in relation to your pineal gland, hormones and brain waves, but suffice it to say, these have transformed my sleep game, and therefore the size and shape of my booty and body as a whole!


Booty Growing Tip #4: DON’T SQUAT

I know. I might break the internet with this one. Do squats make your legs and glutes stronger? Yes. But if you sit all day, are prone to lumbar lordosis, an anterior pelvic tilt, inflexibility, neck pain, do a ton of cardio, forget to stretch and/or eat a garbage diet, squats can slip a disc out of place real quick. I will elaborate more on why I NEVER squat in a future post. 


Booty Growing Tip #5: DO LESS CARDIO

This is my LEAST favorite tip because I personally love cardio! I grew up running and playing sports so metabolically my body is accustomed to this. I love how lean my upper body and abs look when I fit regular cardio sessions into my routine. But again, what is the top priority? I have found it hard, even with the stair climber, for my glutes to get big if I do a lot of cardio. Hill, stair and sled sprints work great still, swimming and hot yoga are fine, and rollerblading is awesome for building glutes too. If focused on growing your glutes as fast as possible, try to limit your cardio sessions to 15–20 minutes a session 3–4x per week, or 30-40 minutes a session 1-2x per week


Booty Growing Tip #6: EAT CARBS

What?!?!! You’re telling me to do less cardio and eat more carbs?!?!!! Oh the Horror!! JSeriously though, there is a term in the bodybuilding community for when a woman eats <80g carbs and consumes a boat load of protein. It’s called “dumpy butt.” Without carbs, glutes and the skin that covers them can start looking super saggy. Plus, I personally want my glutes to be firm and a bit soft at the same time, not just pure hard muscle like a man’s booty. So enjoy your sweet potatoes, quinoa, fruit, coconut water, fresh–squeezed juices and rice. They are soooo good for you!!


Booty Growing Tip #7: PAY ATTENTION

Keep your mind–body feedback loop super open at all times!! Please take this is seriously! I spent 3 months unable to walk, unsure if I would ever be able to again, because I ignored my body’s messages to me for years. I am SUPER CONSERVATIVE with weight, reps, AND strict form, and I abandon any move IMMEDIATELY if I get even the slightest negative feedback from my lower back. I DO NOT push through the pain, as it’s popularly said to do during workouts. Do not follow that advice with hip joint weight bearing movements. It is simply not worth it. The ability to walk pain-free is the greatest gift ever and I REFUSE to sacrifice that for anything. Period. Please take enough time to stretch thoroughly before, during AND after your workouts! Focus on stretching the QL, glutes, hamstrings, IT bands, hip flexors, calves, and groin when doing glute exercises. Drink lots of water, eat nutritious food and remember that with you CAN grow your glutes with moderate weight and reps, as long as the form is perfect and each exercise hones in on specific parts of the glutes.

Excited for you to try my top 7 Booty Growing Tips :) Enjoy! Chat soon :) 

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