I Want To Help

Hey Tribe,

If you are a busy professional, the struggle to make your health a priority and keep unwanted weight off can be intense. I read a stat yesterday that stated at least 80% of men AND women in the U.S. who have lost weight put it all back on within 2 years. That is staggering, and so out of alignment with my own work, and what I have experienced with my clients.

But I kept thinking about it - what this must mean is that busy working and/or parenting men and women must have tried to put their health first at some point, moved toward a weight loss goal, trusted someone who positioned themselves as a knowledgable health professional, but weren’t provided with the proper tools to turn their goal into permanent change.

They were sold temporary, quick fixes, metabolism-wrecking diets (as many gain even more weight than what they started with) and unsustainable workout plans. They weren’t educated or inspired to find the other holes in their boat, like proper sleep hygiene, stress management, and learning how to differentiate between when your mind is speaking to you vs. when your body is speaking. And, crucially, how to listen.

Busy working professionals are not lazy, they have the work ethic. Likely, they meant well, did their best, and were sold ineffective supplements and useless health products made in a lab with synthetic, out-of-date and/or synthetic materials. Cutting edge science vs. implementing the simplest of human health concepts. (The ones that work always are.)

This makes me mad. I want to do something. Those 80% didn’t deserve that. I have 10 years of experience helping people transform their bodies, lose weight and keep it off utilizing their now-ingrained healthy habits. If you feel you were part of that 80% comment below or email me. I want to answer your questions. I want to help. 

– Lian