I Wanted To Punch Myself In The Face

(From archived lianprice.com blog, circa February 2015.)

Good morning Fantastic Fitness Peeps!


Do you have a fitness-related goal you have always wanted to achieve, or any type of quantifiable goal for that matter, and you just have not been able to stick with the action steps necessary to achieve it? 


Why not? Has it been self-doubt? Anxiety? 


The fear of dealing with the pain of failure if you try and fall short? 


Or the worry that if you do succeed, your loved ones won’t be happy for you, rather there will be feelings of envy, guilt and animosity built up around you, and you’ll have to deal with the endless comparison games? Ugh.


I want to tell you, it’s all in your head. And if you are a positive-minded person, you know that you will be extra-capable of crossing those bridges when you get to them, because you will have improved your level of self-worth as well as physical health from reaching your goals and staying there.


So if you have always wanted to do a pull–up, get after it! Practice every day. Trust me, you are not “overtraining.” 


If you have wrestled with losing the same 15 pounds for longer than you can remember, be done with that battle already. Get it done and move onto greater things! You have a world waiting for you to get your act together and go kick butt!


If someone ever told you that you could never do a one-armed pushup, or could never run a mile in under 8 minutes, could never quit smoking, or that you could never stick to anything without falling short or quitting, prove them wrong.


I’m serious. Prove them wrong, friend.


Stop living in your head and in your not-what-it-is-really-supposed-to-look-like body. Get a REAL, SUSTAINABLE-FOR-LIFE game plan together, and then follow through with it, systematically, day after day. 


DO NOT let yourself off the hook anymore. Get back to being a big girl or big boy who takes accountability for their own actions and their own attitude towards things. You have heard it said before:


“Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do.”


If you think I am not guilty of sulking over non-results from absence of work and discipline, think again. The first time I ever heard that statement I doubled over backwards. I wanted to punch myself in the face for being so arrogant, for thinking I actually deserved a hard-earned result from nothing but my laziness and lack of focus.


I said in the Consistency vs. Perfection blog, (http://workgrindfly.com/consistency-vs-perfection/ ) We are not trying to be perfect here. We want only to be consistent day in and day out. THAT is what is going to yield you lasting results. Eric Thomas said it best:


“Practice does not make Perfect, Practice makes Permanence.”


So lets create some positive, permanent, lasting changes in our life. Let’s set the sturdy game plan in place to do it. And then let’s follow through and not slack on ourselves, every single day, day in and day out.


Let’s be the example other people need to see, so that they can build belief in themselves that yes, it can be done. 


This is how we are going to improve our lives and this is how we are going to improve the world. Get after it. 2015, this is your time. 



P.S. Here is my shameless plug of how proud I am of my 66-year old fit father. He never accepts excuses from himself when it comes to his health and goals. Less than 6 months ago he couldn’t do a single pull-up. He set a goal to be able to do 10 in a row. Here are 2 videos of him from different days crushing 10 full pull-ups when he came to San Diego last month >>  







P.P.S. Happy Hump Day! Make it a great one! :)