If not for this ONE ingredient, Coke would make you vomit. 

(From archived lianprice.com blog, circa 2017.)

Stay Woke Wednesday Post #2

If not for ONE, SINGLE ingredient, drinking a can of Coke would make you vomit. 


Although liquid cocaine is a thing of the past, Coca–Cola’s current ingredients are still formulated to get you high. 


Each can of Coke contains 3.33 tablespoons of white, processed sugar. This is almost a ¼ of a cup. If you consumed this much sugar, it’s extreme sweetness would cause you to immediately start vomiting uncontrollably. 


Consuming this much sugar has one side effect though, which of course Coca–Cola Corporate LOVES: it is highly addictive. 


So what does Coca–Cola decide to do to keep customers addicted and coming back for more? How do the keep people in this cycle of insanity, instead of vomiting after drinking one can, listening to their bodies, and never touching this nasty stuff again? 


They add one ingredient, and it’s name is phosphoric acid. This ingredient cuts the sweetness to a tolerable level. Hello bitter chemical money-maker.


My loves, have a beautiful, chemical–free Wednesday if you can, and try to #staywoke. We need to break the devious soda cycle, once and for all. Let’s do it for our health, our families and for the planet. 


I love you so very much!


–   Lian 




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