Invasion of The Mental Preparation

(From archived blog, circa 2014.)

Hey Fit Fam!

As the title of this email suggests, the #1, most preliminary thing I do to be successful in my health and fitness goals is my mental preparation. 

Have you ever heard this phrase? Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Well, this is the foremost principle I keep in mind when attacking my fitness goals. I am relentless in this area of my life, and I know I will not get the results I want by just leaving my daily schedule up to chance.

So the night before, I review my schedule and exactly when I am going to fit in my workout, and when I'm going to eat. I think about what clothes I will need, i.e., sneakers that won't slide off while I am doing sled pushes on the turf. Tomorrow is back day, did I pack my grips? Do I have the right hair tie/headband ready to go?

I pack all of my daytime food, i.e., protein powder, kale chips, lots of fresh, ripe fruit and vegetables, etc.

I make sure I have my headphones, waterbottle, and I also double check that I have enough time blocked out for traveling to and from tomorrow's designated workout location. 

Then, while a I do some foamroll stretching prior to bed, I visualize myself completing each exercise I want to hit the next day. This way, I feel my body and my mind are prepared and ready to go when the time comes to workout. Also, my food is never something I worry about because I know what and when I am going to eat each day.

Reduce the chances of unexpected obstacles popping up that could distract you from your game plan. First make that plan, then write down all of the detailed action steps that need to be taken. Check off each action step as they are accomplished. Then do that again the next day. And the next. String together enough days that are filled with action steps and you will find yourself at your goal.

Make it a productive week guys! I am so SO excited for your health and fitness success.


P.S. If you need help formulating your own customized game plan, as well as assistance with staying on course to reach your desired result, check out the link: and fill out an application if you think customized online fitness and nutrition training is right for you. 

P.P.S. I know Halloween is this Friday. If you decide to indulge and eat some candy, don't forget to workout really hard first! Your resulting heightened insulin sensitivity will allow your muscles to do some glycogen uptake instead of all that sugar just being stored as fat. 

P.P.P.S. And don't forget to work out on Saturday, November 1st as well! Okay, I'm done I promise :-D :-D