It's Go Time, Let's Go

I want to be the best fitness coach in the world.

So what do I do?

I am being real with you right now.

10 million eyes on me– what am I putting in my mouth for dinner tonight?

When am I waking this morning? Did I decide to sleep on my back last night so that I can achieve maximal digestive, structural, sinus and dermatological longevity? Or did I roll over and sleep on my side out of laziness and seeking temporary comfort?

What am I doing in the dark?

What am I wearing when it’s 5:30am and I’m heading to the gym and I DON’T FEEL LIKE looking cute cause it’s too darn cold outside?

Where am I getting my coffee from, home or at the Starbucks Drive–Thru, when I proclaimed to myself in 2019 that I am sticking to my budget no matter what because I have a dream of being debt–free, And I KNOW I can’t compete at the next level in business if I am not making sounds financial decisions on a DAILY BASIS.

What am I doing when no one is watching?

What am I actually ATTRACTING when I am not taking accountability for myself?? What I am perpetuating when I don’t take the reins for MY OWN SELF–CARE, all 360 degrees of it?

And what am I writing about when I decide to put up one of these long form posts on social media?

Am I talking about my mom? Am I talking about her locking me in a closet for a whole night when I was 3 years old? Am I talking about the nights I got kicked out of my house and had to sleep in my car? Am I talking about the fact that I totaled 3 cars in my 20’s, that I used to cut my wrists as a teen, that I have had anxiety attacks come out of nowhere my whole life.

That I’m divorced, and that it took 6 long years to figure out how to truly love again, or since I wasn’t adept at loving myself, if I ever even knew how to in the first place.

That I go SO HARD and had NO CLUE how to read my body’s signals or when it was time to take a break, that I ended up on crutches, not sure if I’d ever walk again, begging God for another chance, draining the savings account, swallowing my pride and asking friends and family for help for 2 back surgeries that afforded me the opportunity to continue on.

If God looked at my pile of failed attempts in business, I am not sure what he thought. But I was granted another chance. And I got back up and guess what?? I failed again. 3 rounds of Shark Tank and I was cut.

Successful fitness coach? Yes I am that, and I have been for 10 years. I am proud of my work. I have helped hundreds of men and women lose weight and get into the best shape of their life, and I will keep doing that until the day I die. But successful in business? Not so much, at least not by my measurements.

So if I no longer want to be THIS. This story. This life. This self-perpetuated short-changing. If I DON’T want to be a successful fitness trainer anymore, but want to be the #1 fitness trainer in the world. What am I doing?

How will this shape my decisions going forward?

Will I decide to keep talking about the dark times? Or I give uplifting messages? Or, here we go, listen to me – are these actually one and the same?

Because am I a living example of getting through all of that to see a brighter day?

Am I ?

Am I ??

I say no. I say I’m not done yet. I haven’t gotten there yet. I am grateful for EVERY breath, EVERY step, EVERY chance, EVERY sunrise, and EVERY freaking person/angel that has come and tossed a breadcrumb or more into my life. But I am not there yet. My time is still 100 yards away. My fight is not over and have not yet won. I have millions of people to help. I have millions of animals to save. There are millions of men and women out there that I want educate and inspire and motivate and look to me as a REASON to do their best, and OWN THEIR SELF–CARE and NOT look to me as a reason to make an EXCUSE.

So what are you doing in the dark? What area of your self–care are you hiding from? Where are you avoiding putting in the work and executing some self-discipline and who or what would you sacrifice it ALL for?

Use THAT to light you fire. And don’t be like me with my old lazy budgeting habits. Don’t treat your health like I used to treat my money. Don’t treat your body like I used to treat my dreams.

Don’t cheat yourself from having a better future, just because of where you’ve come from in the past. Instead make this YOUR REASON to get through it and take care of yourself like you NEVER have before, like YOU mean the world to YOU.

Because you do. If someone tried to take your life away right now, you would fight for it. This is an extreme example compared to the slow drip of your dreams leaking from your limp grasp, but that’s okay, the ending is the same.

Last thing. What I’ve learned: you can figure anything out. You can get through any pain, because like ignorance, it doesn’t last forever. It may last a really long time, but not forever. And you CANNOT get through most of it and then quit when your victory is 100 yards away.

If you were supposed to quit, you would have done it a long time ago. If you were supposed to quit, you wouldn’t have been given all these gifts, granted all these opportunities to grow and prepare for your own greatness. You wouldn’t have been given chance, after chance, after chance. If I was supposed to quit, I would have quit a long time ago. But you and I are both still here! And we are in these physical bodies, standing on this giant round gift called earth, so let’s protect and care for what these bodies and this home we have been given, and once our personal care has been attended to, let’ go to work from that full cup, serve others and live out our destiny. It’s go time, let’s go. 

– Love, Lian