Lambo Lexus or Hooptie

(From archived blog, circa June 2015.)

"My body is like an exotic race car, and every day I wake up so excited to drive it" -WorkGrindFly

Happy Friday Fit Gang!

As you glide on into this weekend, I want to leave you with some short and sweet food for thought

Which make and model most closely resembles how you feel and act towards your body? 

A 2009 Lexus ES 350
A 2002 Saturn Ion
A 2016 Lamborghini Aventador

I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “Unlike a car, you only have one body to take you through life, so treat it well.”

But I’ve never heard anyone really break that statement down.

So hear we go. Let’s figure out what year, make and model YOUR body is to YOU.

The following are conversations between you and your “vehicle.” Whichever conversation sounds most familiar points to which vehicle you, on a sub-conscious level, liken your body to be. 

The 2009 Lexus ES 350 
“You make me look good. I guess. It’s not like you’re the sweetest thing on the market, but you’ll do for now. You are certainly no one’s wet dream, but at least you’re somewhat respectable. You blend in and you don’t cause a scene. 

The truth is, a few years back, you were pretty smokin’ hot. Dare I say more than a few necks swiveled as you cruised down the street. 

But since that’s not the case anymore, I guess I’ll just continue to save money by giving you fueling you with the cheap stuff and spacing your service appointments out as far as possible. 

Truth be told, I’d love to upgrade you, but it’s just not in the budget, and quite frankly I just don’t feel like putting in the extra effort. What I give you is enough, so just be happy with that. I guess my only concern is that you don’t break down before I am ready to give you up.”

The 2002 Saturn Ion
“I was cheap. I withheld. I rationed. I’ve been kicking your tires for years. I gave you cheap fuel, dirty energy. I told you you were useless. Gross. Ugly. You embarrass me everywhere I go. I am so ashamed you’re mine. I can’t even remember the last time I changed your fluids, got your brakes checked, changed your battery. 

I feel guilty, because you do so much for me still. Despite my ill–treatment and neglect, you still always eventually get me from point A to point B. You’re so loyal to me. You just keep hanging on for dear life. You are such a trooper, soldiering on like you do, but all I seem to be able to say to you is, I wish I could just replace you.”

The 2016 Lamborghini Aventador
“Man, I love you. You are so sexy! I keep you looking buffed and shiny from EVERY angle, just look at you! Darn right I treat my vehicle well. 

Of course, I give you premium fuel. 

Of course I get you washed and waxed and serviced regularly. 

Of course I show you the open road. 

I show you love and devotion and care. I know this is how I will get the highest level of performance from you.

I show you a life of action, adventure, comfort, and abundance, because you deserve it. You are a premium, elite, exotic, one-of-a-kind machine. 

I take pride in your appearance. It’s not showing off. Well, maybe a little bit :) But I swear it's not vanity that makes me do it. I just take this seriously, caring for you, the beautiful gift I have been given/worked so hard for.” 


Figure out which car you treat your body like. If it’s anything short of the Lambo Aventador example, then this weekend I want you to keep this question in the front of your mind:

Why would you play around with something as priceless as your body?

Why wouldn’t you man up, get some discipline and put in a little work, for you!? At the end of day, the reward is for you. It’s so YOU can be proud of yourself from the inside-out. It’s so YOU can perform at a high level every day, day in and day out. Why? Because life, love, prosperity, and any door you want to open, starts with your appearance. 

Don't believe me? 

• Obese workers (those who have a Body Mass Index of more than 30) are paid less than normal-weight coworkers at a rate of $8,666 a year for obese women, and $4,772 a year for obese men, according to a George Washington University study.
• People who exercise regularly earn 9% more than those who don't. 
• It is scientifically proven that people that take less than one-tenth of a second to make a judgment call from your first impression.

So put the odds in your favor, and start taking care of the beautiful, powerful machine you have at your disposal. 

That is all folks, have a fantastic weekend! Talk soon :)


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