My Favorite Late–Night Snack (Video)


Happy Friday! I thought I’d send along this quick and easy recipe I came up with. This is the PERFECT snack for you if:

1)    You are most likely going out this weekend.

2)    You may have a long night or two (or three, who knows?) of partying ahead of you.

3)    You will more than likely come home between 1-3am, starvinggg.

4)    At this point your brain will still be signaling you to somewhat care about what’s going into your body next, even in a slightly intoxicated state.

5)    But you STILL crave deliciousness and crunchiness and savory-ness!!

( I know, that last one was not really a real word :-/)

Well, I humbly offer a satisfying solution to your problem! Here is the video on how to make my favorite late-night snack. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Weekending!!

I love you and please party safely :)


P.S. Here is the video again :)