“Did you gain 5 lbs. over the weekend?”

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Hey love,

It’s Monday, and I have one question for you: did you summon all of your courage by stepping on the scale this morning? If you did, were you happy with the number you saw? 

Or did you freak out a bit, your insides filling up with instant regret? 

Did you see extra 5 pounds that weren’t there last Friday, forcing you to ask yourself: 

“WHYYY??? Why did I binge out last weekend? Why did I eat those all wings, or have that pizza / beer / ice cream / big mac / [fill in unhealthy junk food here] when I KNEW this was going to happen come Monday??

If not, I don’t want you to fret. Instead, I am going to give you my simple Monday blueprint for getting back to your pre-weekend baseline:

1)   Drink 1 liter of water. Do it now. Don’t wait, don’t complain about it. Just do it. And 2 hours from now, do it again. 

2)   Eat light. That means no condiments, no dressings, no added sodium. Stick to raw fruits and fresh green, leafy vegetables. This will make you feel better quickly, and the abundance of fiber and potassium in these foods will help you eliminate some of that extra bulge quickly.

3)   Chill out with the protein. Just for today. Protein is difficult for the body to digest, and it already has a tough enough job sorting through and processing all the gunk you ate this past weekend. 

4)   Get a great workout in. I know, I know, you feel sluggish. Doesn’t matter. Exercising today will mentally make you feel back in control and renew your self–confidence. I cannot tell you how important this is. You will go from a cranky, irritable human to a calm and pleasant one. It’s like magic! JSeriously though, don’t skip out on this. From a physiological stand point too, you’ll stoke the metabolic flames, enhancing your body’s ability to burn off some of the junk food you consumed during the workout, and for hours afterward as well.

Alright dear friend, no more stressing about this, just get the job done and those 5 pounds will be gone again in no time. And for goodness sake, next weekend, don’t repeat the same mistakes. Respect your body, and recognize that it needs love and nourishment, not chemicals, GMO’s and other junk!

I love you. Don’t forget that no matter what you ate, you are still a rockstar. You are still valuable, beautiful and worthy! Have a fantastic, healthy week and I will see you soon J

 –     Lian 

P.S. If you would rather listen to me read this blog to you CLICK HERE Have a great week! You got this! :)