Would We Get Mani/Pedi's Together?

I was chuckling to myself this morning, because when I get asked by my peers at workshops and business events: “Who is your ideal client?”

The answer I give always has nothing to do with pounds or inches. 

I am fitness coach, yes, but I’ve found that it’s not the amount of weight a client has to lose, or what their body goals are, but rather specific character traits I screen for that will essentially guarantee if we’ll enjoy success working together or not.  

So who is she?

She’s fierce. She is a badass boss babe. She is loyal to a fault, and she has a huge heart.

She adds value to this world, and strives to be better version of herself every day. 

She knows she is worthy, and she is not afraid to shine.

She builds other women up, she does NOT run other women down. 

She’s got a great sense of humor, and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

You may be single or married. She may or may not be a mom.

Either way, she LOVES her life, and she’s grateful for everything she has. 

She’s worked hard to get where she is, and though others might be impressed, she knows deep down that she is just getting started. 

She strives to find balance. She’s not perfect, who is? But she does her best. 

Here’s an important one: She knows she is beautiful. She also knows stress and being a hardworking boss babe has maybe taken a bit of a toll. 

She’s spent some time studying up on how to properly nourish her body, and which workouts are best for her ‘body type.’

Maybe she has a Class Pass membership, or goes to SoulCycle or CrossFit or Bikram Yoga a couple times a week. 

She kind of knows her way around a gym, and she definitely knows her way around a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe’s.

She has some confidence in the realm of health and fitness, but she’s real about her insecurities too. 

Maybe she’s tried counting her macros or tracking her steps, but it’s gotten confusing and little to no progress has been made. 

Those last 7-17 lbs. have just been refusing to come off, and as this point it kind of feels like she’s been battling with the scale forever.

It’s seems like this is the one remaining piece in her life that she can’t quite seem to figure out.

She’s super smart, and super motivated, so it’s really frustrating to her that she can’t seem to lose this last layer. 

She’s strong too, and she knows she has some beautiful muscle tone underneath that is ready to be revealed, she just needs to shed a little bit of body fat and she knows she’d be exactly where she wants to be: healthy, lean but still curvy, graceful, toned and strong.

And she doesn’t just want to lose 7, 10, or the final 15 lbs. temporarily. No, she wants to have a strategy and a framework for herself that is all her own, so that the weight stays off for life. She wants to find the solution once and for all, and step into the 2.0 version of herself that she knows she is meant to be.

Last but not least, she almost feels bad, like she’s being ungrateful, and this is not the case at all. She is SO grateful for her body, and she knows how lucky she is to enjoy full health and pain-free movement. 

But she just knows deep down that being a little heavier than she’s used to is just not “her” if that makes sense, and she is excited to get back to feeling 100% comfortable and confident in her own skin.

Well, I see you babe. I see your hustle – your gratitude and your frustration, I honor all of it. If this description totally describes you, send me a private message and let’s keep talking. Maybe we’re a match :)

But back to the second reason why I was chuckling to myself:

You see what I’ve done here, right? Who I have actually described? 

I’ve described a friend. And I don’t have any shame in this. If my closing questions when deciding if she’s a fit for L3 are:

“Would I go get mani/pedi’s with this woman?”

“Could I see us cracking open a bottle of wine together?”


Then I’m okay with that. Not only does it make my work infinitely more fun, but so much more rewarding as well. 

Because I know she’ll be open to my coaching AND not be blocked off from her own transformation. : )

This is all that truly matters. : )