My New Favorite Weight–Loss Trick

Happy Thoughtful Thursday my love!


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Here we are again! We are nearing the end of another work week and the lure of weekend fun beckons us!


Now, you may be saying to yourself, “This weekend is going to be different than the last.”


“THIS weekend I will NOT…            be eating junk food.”


“THIS weekend I will NOT…            be getting up for second helpings at the family barbeque.”


“THIS weekend I MIGHT end up…  at the local mall/movies/ amusement park/baseball 

game/fancy pants restaurant, or doggone it the local 7Eleven at 1am!”


“But I will NOT…                              I repeat, I WILL NOT!!



… Eat any junk food.”



Hmmm. Are you sure? :)



How’d this approach work out for you last weekend? 

What about the weekend before that?


Chances are, you probably will end up indulging a bit. And that can be okay. If it’s a little bit.


So how exactly does one go about that? Self–restraint is SO hard! Portion control in social settings?? Or worse yet, portion control behind closed doors when no one is watching after a super–tough work week?


In what world???


I am about to make it so easy for you. Watch this.



Simple, Effective, Brainless. Literally.

Just close your eyes.



Whaaaaat?? Yes, I’m serious. Right before some unhealthy food enters your mouth, simply shut those pretty peepers of yours.


This will immediately slow you down. It will FORCE you to re-center. It will cause your body’s intuition to come to your rescue! At long last!


You see, most people don’t even enjoy their food. They start putting the next forkful together before they have even finished chewing the previous one. Then, the meal is gone in 4 minutes and we barely even remember the rich flavors we just consumed.  I, myself have been guilty of this so many times. Our minds are distracted by other thoughts as we start to shovel, and before we know it we’ve eaten more than originally intended. Of course, come Monday, we are then overcome with guilt, lethargy and depression.


Let’s avoid this totally avoidable problem once and for all, shall we?


Shut your eyes. Don’t worry about looking weird. If people ask, blame me. Or tell them it’s a weird new trick you’re trying. And to stop being so nosey, geez.


Seriously though, eating is an intimate experience. I am passionate about this. What you put in your body, what you decide to nourish it with, is an extremely personal decision. Don’t give ANYONE the authority to bully you about whator how you choose to eat.


If you don’t believe that this simple trick will cure you from over eating, try it tonight. Every time you take a bite (healthy or unhealthy) or drink something, close your eyes. Chew or sip slowly, and do not allow yourself to open them again until you have completely swallowed. You can re-open to use your fork or other eating utensil, but then you have to re–close as soon as the next bite nears your mouth, or it will not work. 


I have so much to say about the subject of eating with your mind instead of eating with your body, but I will just say this for now: we are an overweight country because our eating decisions sit squarely on the shoulders of our logic, and dear friend, everyone’s logic is skewed. Mine included. One can get the mind to believe anything. The mind is so easily manipulated. 


The body, however, never lies. That is why yours is so beautiful. It’s true. Your body holds infinite wisdom, and the only way to tap into this is to pay attention to it(not our ego, or our brain, or our pushy neighbor, or the in-laws, you get the picture.)


We first clear out the noise of the busy, bossy mind. Ergo, we close our eyes. 


Now our bodies have some time, some space and some room to tell us what it wants. 


Does it want more of something? Is it finished with something? Or, simply does it want to stop for a moment so it can simply enjoy something?


That is all for today. Try this. You will not be disappointed. Please tag me on social media when you share your experience, so that I may hear all of your feedback :)


I am excited for you to have a truly epic and healthy weekend, and just as importantly, a guilt-free Monday.


I’ll cheers to that! :)


I love you. See you soon :)


–     Lian 

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