Hey you,

You’re super nervous about the next big thing you want to tackle.

I get it.

That Big Hairy Audacious Goal looming in the distance of your inevitable future.
You want it, you crave it and you can’t stand being where you are any longer, but you still have NO FREAKING CLUE how you’re going to get from point A to point B. Like, seriously, no clue. I am so there with you. I feel like basically every week in fact. Challenge after challenge. Desire after desire. Fear after fear after sleepless fear. It’s normal to feel this way, however it’s NOT okay to just sit in these feelings and not allow them to lead you forward.

I urge you to stop pulling in the opposite direction of your own progress, just because you’re scared. Your soul wants to move forward, it know where’s going. It know what train you are catching next.

To NOT choose courage, to NOT look in the face of what you must tackle and say,

“I don’t yet understand how I am going to do this, but I KNOW that my desire alone is evidence that I am meant for this reward”

TO NOT TAKE A STAND FOR YOUR OWN GREATNESS, your future, your dreams, your body, your health, your very birthright to be on this Earth, creating and serving and loving and enjoying…

Well, not only are you depriving yourself, you are denying others as well.

Yes, you are depriving someone else by not believing in yourself. I’m serious. You are literally holding back your loved ones by not trusting YOU and your own capabilities enough to go after your dreams.

👊🏽Someone in your life needs you to step it up and show ‘em how it’s done.

👊🏽Someone you don’t even know might be watching you right now, and is waiting for you to prove it can be done. Don’t let them down. And MOST importantly, don’t let yourself down. There is no heart break more painful.

✔️If you are scared, start small.

✔️If you are confused, write down your questions, clarify them, and start looking for the answers, so you can remove that block and move forward.

✔️If you feel frazzled or scatterbrained, make a list.

✔️Set a goal to check just one thing off a day. You don’t have to burst out of the gate at a million miles an hour, but you do have to start. You owe YOU, and your loved ones that much.

I’m cheering you on. It’s go time, let’s go.

👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 - Love, Lian