She Rocked This!

(From archived blog, circa November 2014.)

Hey Fit Gang!


I HAD to pass this email onto you today :) I got permission from this client to send along anonymous Before & After photos as well; honestly I couldn’t be more excited for this person. 


When I first met with her 7 months ago, she told me her goal was to be 125 lbs. for her high school reunion. And if you read her email, you will see she did not hit her goal. Since that first meeting, shehas dealt with incredible amounts of work stress, family stress, house repair stress, and just recently came down with a wicked flu virus, causing her to miss 1 full week at work and 2 weeks of exercise. 


But guess what? Despite all of these challenges, she came pretty freaking close to her goal! Who cares if she is not exactly 125 right now, because the journey isn’t over. THAT is what I am most excited about, the mental shift that takes place during this weight loss process.


She’s in this thing for life, because we only get one body right? She didn’t shy away from these challenges, and she DIDN’T use them as excuses. She embraced what life was handing her and just continued to keep handing back a positive result. She realizes that there is no finish line, we just keep evolving and keep shaping and sculpting, using the healthy habits and high self-worth belief systems we put in place to help us.


You can also read in her email, that this has not been her first attempt as weight loss either. She has been on the weight fluctuation roller coaster before, but this time was different. There was no self-sabotaging this time around, no all-or-nothing “perfection” mentality. She just exercised relentless consistency. And man has it paid off. :)


I am so SO proud of this client. She is going to have so much fun at her reunion, and when she gets back we are going to rock into 125 and beyond. 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone, talk soon! :)


Hi Lian,


I weighed myself this morning so I can set the milestone before my trip tomorrow.....




That's the lowest I've been since I started keeping track in Feb 2010 :-)  I know I was in the low 120s in late 2008/early 2009. My prior record was 131.6 in Jan 2011 (before working out w/ you).  That's a total loss of 19.2 lbs since I started working out w/ you (my peak was 148.8). I was so surprised since I've been sick on/off for the last 5 wks and my work-outs haven't been very consistent ;-(  Because of that, I really didn't expect to get below 130. 


It's not my original goal of 125 that I wanted before my reunion, but it's super good!! I know I will get there, it will just take more time. And I know I will look super-hot in my new outfit for the reunion LOL!!!


Just had to share the good news w/ you. Thank you for all of your support and guidance. You have definitely helped me immensely. Yes, I know that I did the work. But I couldn't have done it without you!