Strawberry Milkshakes Contain 48 Different Chemicals!

(From archived blog, circa 2015–2017)

Stay Woke Wednesday Post #4:

I can’t believe this. The strawberry flavor in a milkshake at fast-food establishment contains 48 different chemicals.


That’s right, in order to make that milkshake taste like a sweet liquid strawberry, companies like Burger King and McDonald’s believe 48 additives must be used. There lies just one small problem. NONE OF INGREDIENTS ARE ACTUALLY STRAWBERRIES! I can’t. 


Here is the list, my fellow brave souls. Read it if you dare:


1  amyl acetate, 

2           amyl butyrate, 

3           amyl valerate, 

4           anethol, 

5           anisyl formate, 

6           benzyl acetate, 

7           benzyl isobutyrate, 

8           butyric acid, 

9           cinnamyl isobutyrate, 

10     cinnamyl valerate, 

11     cognac essential oil, 

12     diacetyl, 

13     dipropyl ketone, 

14     ethyl acetate, 

15     ethyl amyl ketone, 

16     ethyl butyrate, 

17     ethyl cinnamate, 

18     ethyl heptanoate, 

19     ethyl heptylate, 

20     ethyl lactate, 

21     ethyl methylphenylglycidate, 

22     ethyl nitrate, 

23     ethyl propionate, 

24     ethyl valerate, 

25     heliotropin, 

26     hydroxyphenyl-2-butanone (10 percent solution in alcohol), 

27     a-ionone, 

28     isobutyl anthranilate, 

29     isobutyl butyrate, 

30     lemon essential oil, 

31     maltol, 

32     4-methylacetophenone, 

33     methyl anthranilate, 

34     methyl benzoate, 

35     methyl cinnamate, 

36     methyl heptine carbonate, 

37     methyl naphthyl ketone, 

38     methyl salicylate, 

39     mint essential oil, 

40     neroli essential oil, 

41     nerolin, 

42     neryl isobutyrate, 

43     orris butter, 

44     phenethyl alcohol, 

45     rose, 

46     rum ether, 

47     g-undecalactone, 

48     vanillin, and 



Now, I think we can all agree that this is just pure madness. So let’s get the word out! If we all boycott horrendous food products like this we can bring about change. 


It starts with us respecting our own bodies and our health. Think twice before walking into a fast food restaurant. Think three times before feeding something like this to your children. 


Remember that your dollar is the most powerful vote you have. I love you, and I believe in you too!




P.S. Of course, the best conversation takes place on social media. What do you think are some great ways we can “vote with our dollars?” Hashtag #workgrindfly with your comments and thoughts, I can’t wait to hear what YOU think.