Thank you Drew!

(From November 2017.)

Thank you so much @drewsiv for coming by and saying hi!

Drew saw my post yesterday and came by to visit at the @landroverusa event in Venice today.  He shared his incredible story with me: he said he had been following me for years and struggled with his weight due to a debilitating injury.

Through his successful recovery and by tweaking his food, water and exercise habits, he was able to lose 25 lbs. and even develop an awesome set of abs! His inspirational story, paired with the fact that he came all the way out here to meet me in person for the first time, absolutely warmed my heart and made me feel so good about what I do. Even when I am feeling frustrated about my own recovery from back surgery, I can remember meeting this wonderful soul and know that what I do is worth it, and posting health tips, fitness advice and inspiration really does make a difference. Wow.

Thank you Drew, today I celebrate you and encourage you to keep going, because there are people in your life right now that are watching you. You may not know it, but they need your example to be inspired, and to quote Marianne Williamson, by letting your own light shine, you are unconsciously giving oulthers permission to do the same. Keep crushing it! #happy #grateful #thankful #love #fitness #fitspo #health #getfitloseweight #instafit #instagood #fitfam #inspiration #igunitesppl #thankgoodnessforig #sundayfunday

STOP BY TODAY IF YOU ARE IN THE AREA! 1515 Abott Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 
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