What makes BPA really that bad for us?

(From archived lianprice.com blog, circa 2017.)

Stay Woke Wednesday Post#3:

BPA–Free is a huge buzz–phrase right now. It seems as though every plastic, glass, tin can and aluminum bottle company has recently slapped it on their label as part of their consumer marketing pitch. 


So why all the frenzy? What is BPA and why is it SO harmful to us?


Bisphenol A, (BPA) upon entering our systems acts like the hormone estrogen. Estrogen, as far as I’mconcerned, is good for giving us 3 things: breast milk, body fat and mood swings.


Just kidding! Sort of, but in all seriousness BPA has been red–lighted in package manufacturing as of late due to severe behavioral shifts, reproductive issues, and increases in body weight.


Even with all these problems, the industries listed above have been extremely slow in finding a safe alternative. 


I will take this one step further and ask you, what else do you think our packaging may be lined with that is leaking into our food and drink? 


Is BPA the only compound we should be concerned with? 


If these industries overlooked the serious, health–comprising side effects of BPA in the past, who’s to say there are not other ingredients being used currently, ones that also promote health deterioration, it’s just that these have not been scrutinized yet like BPA has? 


What do you think? Can these companies be trusted with our health? 


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