Why WorkGrindFly?


We all know that choosing a weight loss program of any kind is a super personal and a very tough decision.  With literally hundreds of options out there, how can you determine which program is best suited for you?


I'm here to take the guesswork out that. 


So, why WorkGrindFly you ask?  Let me show you. 


When I took a closer look at some of today's top rated online weight-loss programs and apps, the most prevalent common denominator was the style - sign up - receive workouts and nutrition program (if there is one available) - and go.  Not so bad so far, right?


Right.  Until you're about 3 days in and you're so sore you can't move and don't know what to do so you don't lose progress.  Or the "diet" is too hard to follow - too expensive to keep up with - or simply not the foods you like.  Or maybe you have an injury or minor issue that you don't know how to take proper measures for.  Or...what if you need some serious motivation, a place to share your success or even just ask a question?  Some of these programs have "help" links or small social media communities - but no real communication.


The prices - sure $9.99 a month is no big deal - but there are often extra expenses that are required if you wish to further your work with that program.  Sometimes the nutrition guides are not included and can be as much as an additional $69!  Then there is also the equipment required to do the workouts.  Often times, various pieces of fitness equipment are needed to maintain your program and that can add up to hundreds of dollars quickly.  They also don't provide much beyond a brief description or demo and send you on your way.  The workouts tend to be repetitive and honestly become boring after some time. Yikes.  You get what you pay for.


These one-stop shop programs are all well and good for some but where is the customization?  Where is the personal touch?  What if you really do have a question/concern or a story to share.  That's us - WorkGrindFly.


When you sign up at WorkGrindFly, we become yours.  We are here to serve you, help you, motivate you and guide you to the end result you're in search of.   We do not deem ourselves untouchable. If you need us, we are here.  From the first second you sign up, to the food that you eat each day, to the workouts you do, and for any question that you have, we are here for you.  Your program is 100% individualized and customized to your personal needs, tastes, time and goals.  Nothing cookie cutter about it.  Your plan will never be the same as another person's plan.  It's all about YOU.


We also stress the importance of sustainability.  Knowing that after you've gone through your transformation you will be able to maintain your results.  Forever.


Not only will it be perfectly tailored to fit your lifestyle, but you'll be welcomed into a beautiful tribe of incredible people who are also on their own fitness journey.  They will be right by your side along with us every step of the way.  


We have mini competitions to keep your motivation up and spirits high - we have group chats and calls, plus unlimited access to all things WorkGrindFly.  


Your workouts are provided with suggested schedules and exercise demonstrations.  You will always be given modifications or alternate options if necessary to get you on the right track.  


Your nutrition plan will be tailored to your tastes and dietary needs leaving you happy, satisfied and healthy.  You will have access to an incredible library of recipes including desserts.  You won't feel deprived or unsatisfied because this plan will be designed for your unique pallet.  Don't like bananas?  No worries - you won't have to eat em!  :)  We will track your progress and constantly tweak and twist every detail until you are seeing optimal results.  


The purpose of this was not to bash or speak poorly of the other available programs out there.  They are all run successfully by established, elite trainers, and of course, they work.  The purpose of this was to show the real difference between your cookie cutter options and WorkGrindFly.  We offer so much more than just a little fitness and nutrition guidance.  We take the journey of weight-loss and fitness to a whole new level.  We make it fun, exciting, loving, and above all, sustainable.


Not only will you reach success beyond your wildest dreams and achieve unbelievably hot results - you'll have gained immense self-love, confidence, and the tools you need to be the best version of yourself for the rest of your life.  


So, what are you waiting for?  Join the tribe.  We'll see you there!


- Liana