YOU Are Someone's Answered Prayer.

If you zoom in close you can see the scar on my lower back from my two surgeries. No scar cream for me. I want that thing to stand out. I want a CONSTANT reminder of what I almost lost. Of what I SHOULD BE CHERISHING every single day.

🙏🏽 Movement. Freedom from pain.
🙏🏽 Agility. Strength. Power.

Oh, how much POWER we each have inside of us. Why are we all waiting complacently for something to threaten to take it from us? I speak to myself too. I had drifted backwards. Being in so much pain I couldn’t think, then being on crutches, then after that, crawling, literally, for months. I got pummeled by fear. Crushed. Terrified. And in the midst of it all, something got lost. My boldness, maybe. Or just the arrogant, naive belief that I was invincible.

The injury, that searing pain, forced me to take a good hard look at myself, and my ego didn’t like that. I played small for a while. You know, ‘caught my breath.’ Stood on the sidelines. Went full-blown coward mode.

Well that’s done now. I’m here, the universe is raining down on my head gifts of health and laughter and sunny weather and good people in my life, and I refuse to act ungrateful any longer.

🙏🏽 I know I’m here to serve a cause greater than myself.
🙏🏽I know I am here to make things better.
🙏🏽I know I am someone’s answered prayer. And I know you are too.

YOU are someone’s life line, whether you like it or not. Someone out there has been praying for you AND me to get our s*** together so that we can come and help.

Now, the only question that remains:
➡️ what are you going do with that information?
➡️Are you going to just keep sweating the small stuff? Wasting energy, wasting time?
➡️Are you going to continue to ignore the MASSIVE blessings you have in your life right now, instead of expressing gratitude for them by using your unique gifts to pay it forward?

There are causes that you need to take a stand for. They are waiting FOR YOU. Even your own body is waiting for you. It’s waiting for you to figure it out. Figure out how to take care of it so you can feel confident, move freely and be STRONG. So that your physical exterior is a true reflection of YOUR inner power. I hope you hear me on this. We have SO MUCH to do. But we also have so much fun to be had. And I want to do both. I want to have it all, and I want to give it all. I bet someone reading this feels this way to. Life is waiting for us. Let’s go.
🙏🏽 - @lianprice