You Are Your Ancestors’ Wildest Dream

(From archived blog, circa 2017.)

It’s true, you are! 

Think about it. If you don’t believe me, imagine sitting down with your Great–Grandmother and having a conversation with her about your day.


Tell her about where you live. 


Describe what you ate for lunch.


Let her know where you just booked your next vacation.


Tell her about social media and iphones and androids. Heck, you may have to explain to her what the internet is.


If you are a woman, tell her about how you voted in a national election a few months back. 


Let her know that right now we are in the middle of Black History Month.


Tell her about your career and/or family plans, and what you aim to manifest for yourself over the next 5 years.


<3     <3     <3    <3


Whether you realize it or not, we all have it really good. I am not saying your entire life has been like one giant Tempurpedic mattress, but your hardest day may still have been more cushy, at least in some aspects, than the hardest days your great–grandmother has seen. 


Sometimes this is really hard to remember. To hold space for that gratitude, when so much in our lives seems to be going wrong, can seem like the toughest of tasks.


Is everything right in the world? No. Is everything right within our own lives? Perhaps not. But I bet your great-grandmother, or any of your other ancestors would tell you that it is up to you, dear fellow human, to improve your external reality. 


So how do we do this? Well, let’s think about our planet for a second. Mother Earth is just one Big Home that we all inhabit. We all live in the same house. So let’s stop trashing it. And let’s stop bashing our roommates. We all have to live here together, therefore let’s be as mindful of the physical cleanliness as we need to be about the energetic cleanliness. Let’s reduce pollution AND let’s stop yelling at each other. Let’s become more conscious consumers AND let’s end racism once and for all. 


Now let’s take this in a more intimate direction. 


We have established that Earth is our Big Home. What about our Small Home? If we want to make big changes in this world, let’s examine our immediate living space, because that is where it all starts.


Someone once told me that no single person can effect any real, large-scale change. That statement shook me to my core. I mean, it was just. So. Wrong. Every great idea that ever turned into reality, literally started with one person. So why do we think taking care of our home, our planet would be any different? 


I say each one teach one. 


Set the right example for your fellow planetary neighbors. Make your home self–sustaining, “green” and vibrating at the highest frequency possible. Your neighbors will be inspired by you to do the same thing. Share with them your research, your discoveries and your how-to’s. Show them the way. YOU BE the that first fingertip touching down and creating the ripple in the pool. 


Okay now let’s really hit home.


It’s true we have discussed our Big Home (Earth) and our Small Home (living situation.) What other home is there? 


You guessed it! Your body. This is your first and most immediate home, the one that you have the highestlevel of responsibility to care for. In effect, when you care for your body, you are really caring for the planet. 


Do you see how this is so? It is all one. Everything is connected. Every time we use a resource to care for our bodies, we take this resource from our larger home and bring into our smallest home, generating either a negative or a positive effect on both our body and on the planet, everysingletime. 


It is the same whether we are dealing with physical supplies or energies. Of course, everything is energy anyway. But I digress. 


My loves, my Big Home roommates, the only way out is in! 


The only way to solve anything is to fix it from the inside out. You cannot give something that you do not have. So if you want to create world peace, you must first create peace within yourself. Only then will you have any power to make peace with others. If you want a greener planet, you must first create an alkaline internal environment within your first and most immediate physical space.


Your contribution counts. To think otherwise would completely and utterly unenlightened. You have justas much responsibility as anyone else. I don’t care if you are a CEO or a janitor, live in a densely populated city or if your Small Home is in the woods and has no next-door neighbors at all. The decisions you make everyday are. Very. Important.


Because no life is worthless. And no life is any more worthy or deserving than any other. If you do not believe this, just think back to what your ancestors would tell you. Reflect on how hard they had to work to receive the same pleasures that are now reside at your very fingertips. Don’t waste this beautiful life you have, and don’t waste this beautiful body you have been given, or the beautiful Big Home you inhabit. Those they came before you worked too hard, and they loved and believed in you too much, for you to complain, have self–doubt or just throw your inherent human responsibilities away. 


Change what you think is worthless into a life worth living. You can do this automatically. It does not take years of therapy. You can change the perception of your own life with the snap of your fingers, and in doing so, you will instantly change the quality of your life and the quality of your Homes. 


We need more awake people. 


How you care for your ALL of your Homes matters so much


We need more folks who think about their Great–Grandmas when they get down or get tired. This can be our auto–perception snap–back: the juxtaposition of your life against theirs, of their struggles and triumphs and sacrifices against your own.


If you need an instant way to re-calibrate your thoughts and remember how important you are, how worthy, this is it. In your imagination, in the privacy of your own thoughts, have that conversation with Great-Grandma. Ask for her wisdom to help guide you to making healthier decisions that will yield a positive outcome for you AND the greater good. Then give the advice away. Share it with your roommates, your neighbors, your fellow earthlings, whatever you want to call us J


I Love You. 


Talk soon.