You CAN’T Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life...

👣 You CAN’T get into the best shape of your life using the same tactics to shuffle the same 5-6 lbs. back and forth across the scale, like you have been doing for the past umpteen years.

It’s true, friend. You CAN’T get into the best shape of your life using the same tactics you’ve been using all these years.

👣 You CAN’T have the man or woman of your dreams projecting the same bulls*** you’ve projected on the last 5 relationships you’ve been in.

👣 You CAN’T expect to have a fulfilled life if you aren’t willing to fulfill your own needs by developing and stabilizing a daily self-care practice, so that then you can turn around with a full cup and help others.

👣 This is playing small. And you are not meant to play small. Your body is not built to be overweight. We are not built to be weak, but strong, embodied and powerful. Our hearts were not created to be walled off or shut down, but to be big, open and accessible. However:

✖️If we continue to shuffle around the same old excuses

✖️Run from the same outdated fears

✖️and hide from our inherent greatness which forever beckons us-

We’ll miss opportunities to stand up and do the difficult thing, have the hard conversation and confront that fear head on, so we can BE PROUD of ourselves and of the character we build through adversity. That pride then melts into a heart-felt realization that whatever fear, excuse or perceived shortcoming we were giving power to, is actually no match for us, and never was in the first place.

Yes, that fear that grips you right now is teeny tiny in comparison to your power, your heart, your desire for a better life, and your craving for more real, authentic relationships with others as well as with yourself.

So I urge you to stop playing small. Stop messing around with those 5-6 lbs. if the real goal is 30.

👣 Stop thinking small too. Do not expect the same mind that got you to this place to be the same one that will get you past it. Seek out new information. Read, listen, hire a coach, and mastermind with like-minded individuals.

If you are not sure who or what to listen to, try this: take in some info, gauge it against your life experience and the way your core feels as you absorb it. If it feels like truth, keep it. If it does not, move on to new info.

Comment below if you’d like – ⬇️ – What fear are you currently conquering?