You HAVE To Love Yourself No Matter What!

(From a January 2019 IG post.)

In the spirit of my 2019 BE VULNERABLE resolution, I declare that I am beautiful wearing makeup and a dress AND bundled up with cracked lips, dry skin, pimples and a frizzy fro!

I love myself no matter if I am sleepy or high-energy.

Foggy - or focused and in flow.

I command that all parts of me get to be here, all parts of me have earned a place, and all parts get to be loved.

All is good, and all follows a divine timing. I surrender, I flow, I love, I fly. My hope is that is that you love all of YOU today too. No part of you is “bad” “gross” or unloveable! All parts of YOU serve an incredible purpose and DESERVE respect and appreciation.

If you don’t see the logic in this right away, have the courage to surrender and trust your body and your spirit, because they are wise and they know where they are going as they carry you through this life.

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