The L3 Method

What Does L3 Stand For? Lose the Last Layer

Who Is This Program Designed For? Boss Babes who want to lose the last 7-17 lbs., get super toned and fit, learn and then integrate the right customized healthy habits to sustain this for life!

Time Investment: 90 days

Coaching Style/Calls: Online, boutique-style and very high-touch. Three total 1:1 coaching calls, Six total small group coaching calls, and private 1:1 weekly accountability messaging with your coach.

Starting Line: At the start of her journey, each L3 Member receives (1) a fully comprehensive nutrition plan customized to current metabolism, (2) first month of workouts (both in-home and gym versions) and exercise schedule also customized to her unique body type, (3) All L3 Method Resources, which include over 100 recipes and quick meal ideas, brand/Amazon links, demos, restaurant menu navigation guidance, specific recommendations on everything from coffee creamers to seasonings to alcohol, grocery list template as well as stretching and injury prevention hacks, additional “wild card” workouts, inexpensive home workout equipment recommendations, travel guidance, comprehensive “red carpet ready” short-term water weight loss game plan, (intended for special events: weddings, photoshoots, award shows, etc.) dream body manifestation meditations, de-load week strategies and more.

Course Work: Every week members are guided through each area of their health and fitness. All aspects are addressed and explored, which is necessary for a total and lasting transformation to occur. For each of the 12 weeks, members are required to complete the tasks and learning components of that week’s focus before moving to the next week. Areas of focus include hydration customization, kitchen clean outs, improving and building upon proper form and execution during strength training sessions, grocery shopping, sleep hygiene, AM routine optimization, self-sabotage mechanics and self-image re-wiring, stress management tactics, inner child exploration, healing work specifically designed for the over-achieving woman, sunshine, family pressures/special event game food gameplanning and work/career–focused food hacks.

*Support: A personal L3 Coach is assigned to each member to be there every single step of the way, providing support, guidance, kind and compassionate feedback and accountability. Additionally, every other week each member gets to be part of a small huddle call (max 6 members per call) to deep-dive into more complex challenges, results, blockages and/or epiphanies. Members also chat back and forth about workouts, recipe swaps, etc. through Slack channels.

Bonus: In addition to weekly course-work, challenges are given to the group each week to compete for cash prizes.

3 Layer Breakdown:
L1 : RECONSTRUCT (Day 0–Day 30)
This is the first level of The L3 Method, where old beliefs regarding food, exercise, other health habits and as well as various self-limiting beliefs are released, and new productive, transformative beliefs and new external habits are constructed in their place, yielding the desired result of weight loss and total body toning.

L2 : REVEAL (Day 31–Day 60)
The second level of L3 is where each member’s new physique is revealed; the 7-17 lbs. are being shed to reveal the beautiful muscle tone underneath.

L3 : STABILIZE (Day 61–Day 90)
After a fitness/weight loss goal is accomplished, a very different set of possible self-sabotage tactics may be faced than when starting out at the beginning of the journey. These last 30 days are designated to lose whatever weight is left to accomplish the member’s unique goals, fully integrate our new sustainable health practices, and shift and transmute any possible remaining mental or emotional blockages that may surface and try to uproot what has been accomplished thus far. This last layer is crucial to helping each member fully integrate and embody the new and lasting “2.0” version of herself, so that she gets to maintain her new fit frame for life :)

90 Day Dream Body Investment
: 3,240 / Paid-in-Full
90 Day Payment Plan: 1,240 / month

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