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Restaurant Survival Guide

Hi loves! I put this guide together to help YOU stick to your game plan and eat healthy no matter WHERE you go out to eat. Try out these helpful tips next time you go out to a restaurant, and don’t want to clock it in as a cheat meal :)

Grow A Bigger, Higher Booty – My Top 7 Tips

Hi Ladies! If you want to build bigger, higher glutes, then you have come to the right place! By taking the action steps I outline here, I was able to increase my booty by 1.7 inches, from 34.25”-36.” Members of the Body Upgrade Intensive are seeing similar results by combining the same steps below with some awesome glute–focused weight training workouts.

Lose the 5 lbs. You Gained Last Weekend

Okay, let’s get honest :) Did you over indulge last weekend, and ended up gaining a few pounds? If so, don’t fret! Here is my simple, healthy and effective Monday blueprint for getting you back down to your pre-weekend weight.