Happy 2019 + E–House Retreat

(From an IG post January 7th, 2019.)

New Year’s House Retreat was a huge success! We drove out into the middle of nowhere, stayed on a crazy eclectic ranch, and spent 2.5 days closing out 2018, reflecting on our biggest wins, losses and lessons, then turned to 2019, getting super clear on our Q1-4 goals, fleshing out timelines, indispensable action steps and the overarching #NorthStar missions that will continue to provide fuel when life challenges arise.

We also asked for support on specific touch points to hold each other accountable to.

We also completed an exercise that most may not have the stomach for. With full permission to get brutally honest, we wrote 5-7 Positive AND Negative traits we perceive in each member. Holding back on the negatives would have been detrimental to the other’s growth, so we agreed to play all out.

This is not for everyone, but I believe this will be one of the singular high-impact growth points of my life and career thus far.

Lastly, we upgraded current house systems and designed new ones to put in place, in order to optimize our living & co-working space, anchoring 10x personal and business success for all 6 members to experience this year.

After living with these 5 incredible entrepreneurs for the last 3 months, I now believe one of the biggest hacks to life is to have an inner circle of high level achievers who are willing to hold you accountable, grow rapidly with you, provide support, honest feedback and mutual trust and respect.

If you dont have the opportunity to live with like-minded individuals like this, I urge to join a mastermind, Junto group or other system, and/or seek out live mentors and coaches to hold you accountable and give fresh objective perspective each step of the way.

Happy Monday everyone and happy 2019 too, excited for your growth, optimized health and happiness!!

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