Shifting Awareness

Here is what a shift in awareness looks like:

✖️I hold onto limiting self-beliefs. ⤵️

✔️I believe in myself.

✖️It’s getting harder, so I can’t go further. ⤵️

✔️It’s getting harder. That means, I just leveled up.

✖️My body is working against me. ⤵️

✔️My body is wise beyond my mind, carries the messages of my soul, shows me when I have gotten off path and is here to help me course-correct.

✖️I feel like I’m running around with my head cut off. ⤵️

✔️I stand tall and grounded, and every action I take comes from my clear vision and heart-centered purpose.

✖️I don’t know how much longer I can hang on. ⤵️

✔️I’m still here, which means the mission is not yet complete, and I have faith that everything in my life is unfolding in perfect timing.

✖️God, please answer my prayer. ⤵️

✔️I am going through this now to become stronger and wiser, because I am being groomed to become someone else’s answered prayer.

Comment below with a ✔️YES or ✖️NO if you have been feeling this shift✨

I love you, and I believe in you!

– Lian