Chicken Nuggets Are Evil

(From archived blog, circa 2015.)

Hey Fly Tribe!

Today’s message is a little out-of-the-ordinary! This story blows my mind, and is a true testament to how terrible fast food really is. Ugh.

Yesterday a friend of mine fed my dog a couple of chicken nuggets from Wendy’s.

Let me back up.

My one–year–old lab, Jeter, has an extremely healthy diet. His dog food is organic, high-raw, contains zero fillers, chemicals or anything except real food. In addition to his regular dog food he eats lots of ripe fruits and veggies with his mom, as well as some occasional rice cakes, mashed pumpkin and lentils.

HOWEVER, if I am not quick enough, my dog will eat plastic, cardboard, and paper if left alone with any of these materials, and I am ashamed to tell you that (gulp) this has happened before. Yet it didn’t seem to bother him, and as crazy as this sounds, his little iron stomach just churned through and pooped it out, no problem. Obviously I do not want this to ever happen again, but I tell you this to show how unaffected his digestion seems to be towards eliminating anything foreign.

That is, until it was introduced to Wendy’s chicken nuggets.

Needless to say, Jeter has never tried any kind of fast food before. He enthusiastically scarfed down what little he was given and went to sleep last night as per usual.

This morning: I am showering and getting dressed. Jeter suddenly seems to start panicking. He’s not patiently sitting at my feet, waiting to be walked as he usually does. No, he’s pacing the floor, moaning and snarling. This turns into an-all bark and a pleeing, painful look on his face, which reads, “Mom! Take me out nowww!!” I didn’t read the situation quickly enough and told him to wait one more minute, but he couldn’t hold it in any longer. Jeter promptly ran over to my beautiful living room rug and went diarrhea…everywhere.

This was his first accident in 7 ½ months! What the heck?? I hadn’t put it all together yet. I scrubbed my rug and took him out. Let’s just say, there was a lot more where that came from, as he had diarrhea 2 more times on our morning walk. (Sorry to be so graphic!)

Nothing else from the previous day had been changed from his usual diet. His little iron stomach, which can handle paper and plastic like a champ for goodness sakes, (with no alteration in bowel movements,) could not handle the nastiness of those chicken nuggets.

Wow, I thought. There is NO way those fake food products can be good for any of us!

Conclusion: Jeter has one seriously tough digestive tract, and for him to be affected so severely further confirmed my fast–food suspicions.

Am I a scientist? No.

Was this a formal experiment carried through in an isolate laboratory setting? No.

But that was proof enough for me that two–legged AND four–legged creatures alike should stay away from this garbage.

That’s all I got for today. Happy Thursday, now let’s go crush this day :)

…And if you’d like, go share this oh–so–graphic canine tale with the fast–food addict you care about most.