Dig Deep


(This blog was originally published on March 10, 2015 at LianPrice.com.)

You have a goal right? Everyone has at least one.

Is your goal to:

> Lose weight?

> Gain muscle?

> Lose your love handles?

> Taper down those thunder thighs?

> Get a six-pack by Summer time?

> Maintain the smokin’ hot bod you currently have?

Whatever it is, it probably comes right to the forefront of your mind every time you lace up your sneakers (or Velcro shut those barefoot shoes if you are so inclined) and head off to the gym, the track, the trail, or wherever you perform your workouts.

But what if I told you that is not enough? It’s not enough to know that you want a six-pack, and it’s not enough to put in the work to get a six-pack.

Wait, how does that even make any sense?

Let’s dig a little deeper here.

> WHY do you want a six-pack?

> WHY do you want your body fat percentage to be a single-digit number?

> WHY do you want your thighs to stop rubbing together when you walk?

> Or, WHY do you want to get freakishly jacked?

Knowing WHAT you want and HOW you can get it will only take you so far in your physical pursuits.

You have to know WHY in order to stay at your peak, in order to keep getting more and more from yourself, day after day, week after week, and year after year.

In truth, if you know WHAT results you want, and HOW to get them, of course you can accomplish results.

But I can guarantee 2 things to you:
#1 If you are honest with yourself from the start as to WHY you want what you want, you will accomplish them faster, and

#2 You will be able to sustain those results more easily, and over a much longer course of time.

So is your WHY something along the lines of…

Get ripped because you want to be more attractive, more desirable?

For bragging rights, i.e., because you want to be the strongest guy in the gym?

Lose your stubborn, flabby gut because you will then prove to yourself once and for all that you can stick with something and see it all the way through?

Develop better eating habits because your doctor now says you’re pre-diabetic and you’re scared you won’t be around to see your children graduate?

Trim down and get fit because you want your spouse to look at you the way they used to?

No matter where your WHY stems from –ego, fear, pleasure or pain– you have to identify it. Otherwise, when it gets tough, when it gets inconvenient to obtain/maintain your sought-after results, it’s so much more likely that you’ll throw in the towel.

So go deep. Dig down in there and figure out what really drives you to perform. No one can figure it out except for you. Then take that WHY and put it in front of you every single day, to constantly remind yourself of the real reason why you do what you do.

And by the way, it’s okay if it’s ego–based. Who cares. If it gets you to a healthier, happier, more productive and more inspiring place in your life, I say use that motivation. Fluff that ego and just get it done. A noble purpose is not always fueled by the noblest of desires, but the end result is the same either way.

Regardless, It’s Tuesday morning, and you know what to do. Get out there and kick some butt this week.

In summary: Find out what drives you, and don’t be afraid to dig as deep into your psyche as you need to find it, and then use that fire, that WHY to fuel and re-fuel you day after day.

In Good Health,

Lian Price