Your Work Will Never Be Done In This Area. And That’s Okay.

Hi Fly Tribe Souls,

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” - Buddha 

I used to be so resistant to this thought process. I didn’t believe I deserved love unless I was doing, doing, serving, helping, giving, giving, giving to others. I couldn’t see how backwards this was! And was in a perpetual state of head scratching wondering why was my cup never full. Slowly, with the encouragement of others wiser than I  I found the more I loved myself, instantly the greater my capacity to love to others.

My coaches @satoriprimeguy and @ilanferdman of @satoriprime provided this consistent reminder: every time one comes across a problem, or resistance, or a challenge of any kind, the answer is always to love oneself more. If there is anything out there in the world I want to fix, clear, help, etc. the first work is still the inner work. And if I am frustrated with something I see mulling around in my external reality, it is usually just a reflection of something I am frustrated with in my inner reality.

Oh, and by the way, if you have along track record of not loving yourself, your work will never be done. And that’s okay. You must stay on it, always checking back in and asking that inner child, that beautiful, intrinsically good essence that is you as your core, “what do you need in this moment?” Never stop doing that. And if it still feels selfish and weird and uncomfortable to NOT be others-focused, I get that, trust me. This statement also helps me when those feelings come up:

All I can ever do to help YOU is work on myself, and all YOU can ever do to help ME is work on yourself. 

If we all show up, as AUTHENTIC and WHOLE as we can possibly be, with all the self-love we can possibly muster, I believe we will serve each other so well! It may result in a fantastic symbiotic reality for all, because again, this is only a reflection of the state of our own respective inner harmonies. I hope this enhanced someone’s Monday in some small way. Sending you love!! #buddha #selflove #soulhygiene @lianprice @workgrindfly